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    Just 56 Of The Funniest License Plates We've Seen

    Rubbernecking at all of these on the highway, tbh.

    These license plates are so funny, they could honestly cause an accident.

    1. This license plate that is definitively likable:

    Car with license plate reading "UPVOTE"

    2. This license plate that has X32 on the mind:

    3. These license plates that are there for each other:

    4. This license plate that's a fan of onomatopoeia:

    5. This license plate that just spits facts:

    6. This license plate that prefers cars to people:

    7. This license plate that's super encouraging:

    8. This license plate that surfs the web:

    9. This license plate that's giving us "Ew, David" energy:

    10. This license plate that's a Grateful Dead fan:

    11. This license plate that avoids meat:

    12. This license plate that loves cats and is clever about it:

    13. This license plate that's trying to send a message:

    14. This license plate that's about to un-friend everyone:

    15. This license plate that just isn't sure:

    16. This license plate that takes on a new meaning with a simple flip:

    17. This license plate that is just telling the truth:

    What everyone's bio vanity plate should read.

    Twitter: @h0h0h0

    18. IYKYK...:

    19. Just...all of these:

    20. This license plate duo that suggests there really is someone for everyone:

    21. Where is Mrs.???:

    22. This iconic one:

    23. This license plate will make you look twice:

    24. Again, all of these:

    25. If you're a gamer, you'll get it:

    When the car color, model, and vanity plate all match #gaming #SonicTheHedgehog #cars #MemeMonday

    Twitter: @WASDthechannel

    26. Pixar fans, rise up:

    27. I'm jealous of this one:

    Twitter: @VABoredWoolf

    28. It works for somebody:

    29. A bit of a yikes:

    30. Catch that Arrested Development reference:

    31. This is just relatable:

    Twitter: @__R_A_M_O_N_A__

    32. I laughed out loud at this one:

    33. This license plate sounds like the number you'd call for a good time:

    34. All of these license plates:

    35. This license plate that is never wrong:

    Twitter: @BookaliciousPam

    36. This license plate is just appropriate:

    37. You know what? It's true:

    This vanity plate says what we're all thinking sometimes. No, it isn't mine.

    Twitter: @MegTheSavage

    38. This license plate is clever:

    Someone's Got Their Crimson Tide #vanity_plate #Alabama #license_plate #humor #funny #interesting

    Twitter: @GiveMeHumorYo

    39. This license place for your resident DINK household:

    40. Again, these:

    41. If you read fast, it's correct:

    "I'm sorry, sir; someone already has the vanity plate for FINALLY." "No worries; I've got a solid Plan B."

    Twitter: @sweetlibrarian

    42. This license plate for the dads:

    Best vanity plate @steelyonsports @JessiStone

    Twitter: @bobby_griffith

    43. This license plate should win best pun:

    44. This one hits close to home:

    How do you guys like my new vanity plate?

    Twitter: @CoryPopp

    45. This license plate that is...correct:

    46. This one:

    The Granite State's vanity plate game was strong today

    Twitter: @ringtailrock

    47. This license plate to get for that one family member:

    Twitter: @isaacdaniels11

    48. This license plate for Star Wars fanatics:

    49. This license plate that's the punchline of a joke:

    Happy Mother's Day Vanity Plate: YerMama -

    Twitter: @bustedride

    50. This one...*eye emoji*:

    51. Shart strikes again:

    Our pal @FredBrooklyn just filed a lawsuit against this Ohio driver for stealing his vanity plate idea. #OlSplatterPants

    Twitter: @StevenBayShore

    52. These license plates:

    53. This license plate that we can all relate to:

    I feel like now is an appropriate time to share this vanity plate I saw the other day. #yqr

    Twitter: @wordpuddle

    54. This license plate that's straight-up accurate:

    55. This license plate that's pushing boundaries:

    56. These are both kinda gross, but still funny:

    This post contains content previously curated by Audrey Engvalson, Matthew Perpetua, and Kevin Smith. It was compiled by Laura Frustaci.