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    38 Two-Person Halloween Costume Ideas You've Probably Never Thought Of

    You're welcome.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their best two-person Halloween costumes of all time. Here are the brilliant results.

    1. Taco Belle:

    2. Chuck and Wilson from Cast Away:

    3. A suburban mom and a box of wine:

    4. Hallie and Annie from The Parent Trap:

    5. Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds on Saturday Night Live's Celebrity Jeopardy!:

    6. Britney Spears and the snake from the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards:

    7. Sexy Gandalf the Grey and Sexy Gandalf the White:

    8. Bob Ross and a happy tree:

    9. Buddy the Elf and maple syrup:

    10. Billy Mays and some OxiClean:

    11. Cereal and milk:

    12. Ted Bundy (the serial killer) and Kelly Bundy (from Married With Children):

    13. Professor Sprout and a Mandrake from Harry Potter:

    14. CatDog:

    15. The Stanley Cup and a hockey player:

    16. Some Cards Against Humanity:

    17. Fry and Leela from Futurama:

    18. The Grady Twins from The Shining:

    19. Jack and Jinks the cat from Meet the Parents:

    20. Calvin and Hobbes:

    21. The Demogorgon and Eleven from Stranger Things:

    22. A Space Force alien and cadet:

    23. Blinky and Ms. Pac-Man:

    24. Ellie and Carl from Up:

    25. The Magic School Bus and Ms. Frizzle:

    26. Arthur and D.W.:

    27. Curious George and the Man With the Yellow Hat:

    28. Janis Ian and Damian from Mean Girls:

    29. Peter Pan and his shadow:

    30. Jake and Finn from Adventure Time:

    31. Argus Filch and Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter:

    32. Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber:

    33. Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart:

    34. Hal L. and Grandma from Happy Gilmore:

    35. Edward Scissorhands and a bush:

    36. Florence and the Machine:

    37. A Publishers Clearing House winner and spokesperson:

    38. And the Alaskan Bull Worm from SpongeBob: