50 Life-Changing Nicolas Cage Photoshops That Prove He’s A National Treasure

Cage rage is alive and well.

1. E.T. Cage

2. Wonder Woman Cage

3. Greeting Card Cage

4. Wrecking Ball Cage

5. Simon Cowell Cage

6. Class Picture Cage

7. Fully Erect Cage

8. Princess Leia Cage

9. Home Alone Cage

10. Hulk Hogan Cage

11. Kim Jong Un Cage

12. Astronaut Cage

13. Avengers Cage

14. Anchorman Cage

15. House Cat Cage

16. Fat Cat Cage

17. Bunny Cage

18. Guns N’ Roses Cage

19. Spider-Man Cage

20. Doge Cage

21. Baby Cage

22. Jersey Shore Cage

23. Bob Ross Cage

24. Sit On My Face Cage

25. Pickle Cage

26. Spongebob SquareCage

27. Vincent Van Cage

28. Demi Moore Cage

29. Mona Lisa Cage

30. Rib Cage

31. Mufasa Cage

32. Star Wars Cage

33. Glamour Shot Cage

34. Monkey Cage

35. Holly Golightly Cage

36. Hide Yo Kids Cage

37. Hannah Montana Cage

38. Gandalf Cage

39. Miley Cyrus Cage

40. President Barack Obama Cage

41. Two Kittens, One Cup Cage

42. Marilyn Monroe Cage

43. Maleficent Cage

44. Figure skating Cage

45. Selfie Cage

46. Justin Bieber Cage

47. Too Close for Comfort Cage

48. Bird Hair Cage

49. Shrek Cage

50. And Cage Cage

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