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17 Tiiiiiny Inconsistencies In TV Shows That Are Actually Really Annoying

Remember when Topanga had, like, five different actors play her dad on Boy Meets World?

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV show inconsistencies always annoyed them the most. Here are the infuriating results.

1. In The Office, Angela revealed that Dwight was the biological father of their baby, even though Dwight took a secret DNA test in the previous season that proved he wasn't actually the dad.

Angela telling Dwight he's the father

"Was the test just inconclusive? Did she pay the doctor to give a negative result?! If I was Dwight, I would have had some questions!"

—Vnes Rodgers, Facebook

2. In Riverdale, Cheryl and Jason Blossom are twins, yet they're literally two different ages and a grade apart in the show.

The CW

"Jason and Cheryl Blossom are twins. Jason is the same age as Polly Cooper, whom he dated before he died, but Polly is older than her younger sister, Betty Cooper, who is the same age as Cheryl. How can a set of twins be a year apart in age?!"


3. In Family Matters, the show literally pretended that Judy Winslow, the youngest daughter, didn't exist anymore, despite her being in the first few seasons of the series.


"She was a main character on Family Matters for several years as the youngest child, and then she just disappeared, like she never even existed."


4. In Boy Meets World, when Topanga's older sister, Nebula, appeared in an early episode, but later on Topanga claimed she was an only child.


"And don't even get me started on how Cory's baby brother, Joshua, was born at the end of Season 6 but then appeared as a 4-year-old at the end of Season 7."


5. In Teen Wolf, Malia was 9 years old when she went missing for eight years. Despite that giant educational gap, she somehow enrolled as a high school student without any problems.


"You’re telling me a girl with only a third-grade education was able to easily jump straight into senior year?"


6. In Friends, Rachel was introduced to Chandler for the very first time in the pilot, but in the flashback episodes, we found out that they actually met several times before that and even kissed.


"Chandler and Rachel were introduced to each other at least three different times! Once in the first episode, another at the Gellers' for Thanksgiving, and then a third in the flashback when Central Perk used to be a bar."


7. In Parks and Rec, when Ron was wholeheartedly against having a cellphone (until Diane made him get one), despite clearly having one in earlier seasons.


8. In Gilmore Girls, when Sherilyn Fenn played two major characters throughout the series (Anna and Sarah), even though they were totally different and unrelated to the other.

The WB

"How did they think we wouldn’t notice?"


9. In Full House, Jesse's last name changed from "Cochran" to "Katsopolis" between Seasons 1 and 2.



10. In The Office, everyone tried to teach Michael how to ride a bike in Season 7, but in Season 3 he bought a bike for the toy drive and rode it around the office.

11. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Terry's wife gave birth to a baby, Ava, who's never seen or mentioned again, despite Terry's other daughters appearing consistently throughout the series.


"Where did Jake's godchild go?!"


12. In Boy Meets World, Topanga's parents were played by SEVERAL different actors throughout the series.


"In one episode, her dad was even played by Peter Tork from the Monkees. Weirdddd. They also replaced Morgan Matthews in the middle of the series."


13. In Glee, when Rachel's dads changed from a random, bald white guy and a Black man to Jeff Goldbum and Brian Stokes Mitchell.


"They also said Rachel Berry was a surrogate baby, but later on we found out Idina Menzel's character actually gave her up for adoption. What's the truth, Glee?!"


14. In My Wife and Kids, they literally recast the character of Claire after Season 1 and didn't think anyone would notice.


"The also replaced Meagan Good (as Vanessa) with Brooklyn Sudano."


15. In Friends, the actor who played Joey's agent, Estelle, also played a nurse who helped deliver Carol's baby.


–Jason Wiles, Facebook

16. In Community, Troy admitted to losing his football scholarship because he dislocated both shoulders, but in a flashback he claimed to have injured his knee.


"Obviously the injury was fake, but still, this is a pretty big oversight."


17. And, of course, in Gossip Girl, when there were several scenes that showed Dan genuinely reacting to Gossip Girl's posts...even though he was Gossip Girl.

The CW

"It just didn't make any sense because they showed him reacting to the posts, even when no one else was around! If he was Gossip Girl, why would he react that way to his own posts?!"