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What's The Most Infuriating Continuity Error You've Seen On TV?

What moment snapped you straight back to reality?

Everyone loves kicking back and escaping into a fictional world with favourite TV show.


However, every so often there'll be a glaring error that snaps you straight back to reality – like when there was once a potato in Central Perk.

Warner Bros

Or when a rogue camera-man randomly appeared in the background of this Breaking Bad scene.


Sometimes you'll come across a major continuity error, like the numbers of the apartments in Friends changing throughout the show.

Warner Bros

Some are actually just pretty damn funny – like the people on the bus disappearing in the space of two shots in the SATC opening credits.


Or being able to see the crash mat in this episode of Friends.

Warner Bros

However others, like Dan being Gossip Girl, kinda ruin the whole show because nothing quite adds up.

The CW

So, what's the most impressive TV fail you've ever seen? It could be something left in shot, a continuity error or a gaping plot-hole. Tell us in the dropbox below, and your submission could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!