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    16 Things About The “Twilight” Movies I Bet You Didn’t Know

    10 years later and I'm still a Twihard.

    1. Stephanie Meyer had the idea for Twilight after a dream. She said, "The meadow scene in the novel is basically the dream that I had and when I woke up I wanted to know what would happen to them next. How would they work out this situation?"

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    2. The vampires weren't the only ones to wear contacts in the film. Kristen Stewart, who's eyes are naturally green, wore brown contacts to match how Bella's eyes were described in the book.

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    3. Robert Pattinson sang two original songs for the movie: "Never Think," which is played when Bella and Edward get dinner in Port Angeles and "Let Me Sign," which is played after Bella is bitten by James in the ballet studio.

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    4. The movie was filmed in less than two months.

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    5. They had 700 extras in red robes to film the Italian festival scene from New Moon.

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    6. Nikki Reed wears a wig in New Moon because her hair fell out after after the the extreme dyeing process in Twilight, which took 36 hours.

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    7. Kristen Stewart graduated high school the same time as Bella, but wasn't going to have a ceremony. So, she took a mock photo of an extra handing her a diploma, while dressed in a cap and gown.

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    8. Drew Barrymore was considered to direct Eclipse. The role ultimately went to David Slade.

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    9. Lucy Hale auditioned for the roles of both Jane and Leah Clearwarter, but they both went to other actors.

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    10. Robert learned to drive for the films and has an Oregon driver's license.

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    11. Oh, and he crashed the boat whiling filming one of the honeymoon scenes in Break Dawn: Part 1, despite taking lessons.

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    12. The first Breaking Dawn movie originally received an R-rating because the sex scene was too steamy.

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    13. Dakota Fanning says only one word in Breaking Dawn: Part Two: Pain.

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    14. Robert Pattinson almost got fired for being too emo. He said he thought Bella and Edward's relationship was "incredibly serious all the time," but admitted he "was probably going a little too miserable."

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    15. Robert and Kristen did their chemistry read by kissing on director Catherine Hardwicke's bed. She told them, "'I know you just met, but I need you to do this scene. We're gonna do it in my bedroom, on the bed — and you're really gonna kiss.'" Apparently, they got a little carried away.

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    16. The book was originally titled "Forks."

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