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    29 Facts About "Twilight" That Will Blow Your Mind

    There's a reason for the wigs.

    1. Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series, said that the idea for the books came to her in a dream. In the dream, she saw a boy and a girl sitting in a field of grass and the boy was very sparkly. Foreshadowing.

    2. Henry Cavill was actually Stephenie Meyer's pick to play Edward Cullen. But by the time they started filming, he was too old.

    3. As we know, Robert Pattinson won the largely sought-after role of Edward, but Ben Barnes, Shiloh Fernandez, and Jackson Rathbone were close to being cast. Rob eventually won out because of the chemistry he had with Kristen Stewart.

    4. That chemistry was obvious during their first meetup at director Catherine Hardwicke’s house in Venice, where they acted out a love scene on her bed.

    5. Kristen Stewart, who of course plays Bella, had to wear contacts in all of the movies because her naturally green eyes did not match Bella's brown eyes as described in the books.

    6. Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for the role of Bella.

    7. Pattinson had to promise Catherine Hardwicke, the director, that he would keep a safe distance from Kristen, as she was just 17 at the time of casting.

    8. Taylor Lautner had no idea what Twilight was when he auditioned for the role of Jacob.

    9. Nikki Reed, who plays Rosalie, and Ashley Greene, who plays Alice, both had to learn how to play baseball. But Nikki had to learn how to bat left-handed because it looked “better on camera.”

    10. The film debuted to $69.6 million when it was released. At the time, this was the biggest opening for a film directed by a woman.

    11. Pattinson composed “Bella’s Lullaby” himself.

    12. And Pattinson admitted to being very self-conscious at the time of the audition because he wasn't comfortable taking his shirt off. He described the anxious situation as “a lot of crying.

    13. Pattinson was going to quit acting a day before he got the job.

    14. In fact, he was so overwhelmed with the popularity of the franchise that he admitted to sometimes speaking to fans in an American accent. "I speak in an American accent when I'm talking to crowds, because it's so separate to my actual life. I still feel like I'm kind of acting. I think that's so I don't go completely mad."

    15. Producers weren't happy with how Pattinson's teeth looked, so they urged him to get dental work. However, he admits that he never wore the brace like he was supposed to and has damaged his teeth permanently.

    16. Meyer decided on Jasper's name by searching roll calls for the Confederate Army.

    17. Meyer also made two cameos in the film series: once in the first film, during the diner scene, and another time as a wedding guest in Breaking Dawn: Part I.

    18. Isabella and Jacob were the most popular baby names in the US in 2010.

    19. Meyer actually cried when Bella walked down the aisle during filming.

    20. Vanessa Hudgens auditioned for the part of Leah Clearwater, but didn't end up getting the part.

    21. In the second movie, Nikki Reed wears a wig because her hair fell out from the extreme dyeing process in the first movie. It took them 36 hours to take her dark strands to platinum.

    22. Execs at Summit really, really wanted Stewart to avoid cutting her hair and even apparently offered her different forms of compensation to convince her not to. It didn’t work.

    23. She then had to wear a wig for Breaking Dawn: Part 1 because she had cut her hair for the movie The Runaways.

    24. Pattinson also wore a wig during reshoots for Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

    25. For the second film, the director insisted on authenticity for the casting of Jacob’s wolf pack. Because of this, he required all actors who auditioned for the role to produce papers that proved their Native American heritage.

    26. Stewart once said that if she were an actual student at Forks High School, she probably would have dated Eric because she “like[s] nerds.”

    27. In the first movie, Bella can be seen slipping on ice and falling onto her butt. To make it hurt less, she wore a little butt pad. Sneaky.

    28. The original sex scene in Breaking Dawn: Part 1 earned the film an R rating and apparently showed A LOT of Pattinson’s butt crack. They ended up reshooting the scene in order to appeal to a larger audience.

    29. To preserve the secrecy of her iconic wedding dress, K-Stew was forced to don a Volturi cape every time filming paused to make sure her wedding dress stayed a mystery.