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    Just 18 Really Funny Things That Happened On The Internet This Week

    Will Netflix ever let Noah Centineo sleep?

    1. People turned a sexist tweet about Kirsten Dunst into a meme celebrating how versatile female actors can be.

    kirsten dunst could do once upon a time in hollywood but leonardo dicaprio couldn’t do bring it on

    2. We were all very concerned for Noah Centineo.

    netflix PLEASE let this man go to sleep

    3. The Evil Queen at Disneyland proved that she is, indeed, a QUEEN.

    Can Disney please give this evil Queen her own YouTube channel or something, because I would watch every single second of it.

    4. Twitter totally trolled Instagram ON INSTAGRAM and it was the perfect amount of shady.

    @twitter / Via Instagram: @twitter

    5. The same woman who gave us this, gave us this:

    when ur a teenage girl who turns into a mermaid if a drop of water touches ur skin

    6. People started a meme called "ur single to me."

    if your boyfriend has an android.. ur single to me 😤 tf is he gonna do?? tell me to (1/2) fuck (2/2) off ???

    if ur dating a basketball player ur single to me. what’s troy bolton gonna do. fake right and break your heart?

    7. Timothée Chalamet wore this to the Venice Film Festival and we all lost our damn minds.

    Ok but Timothée Chalamet is serving major radish legs 😍

    our uniforms when millennials move onto spaceships after abandoning earth in 2045

    8. Billie Eilish unfollowed Tana Mongeau on Instagram and she made a 15 minute video to cope with her loss.

    Tana Mongeau / Via

    9. These water bottles gave us all nightmares.

    zschultz / Via

    10. Priyanka Chopra Jonas got Nick Jonas's (aka her husband's) age wrong on Instagram.

    @priyankachopra / Via

    11. Some dudes doing some impressive seesaw work turned into a hilarious meme.

    12. People took President Trump's use of a sharpie and absolutely ran with it.

    Just viewed my credit score and it’s fantastic! #sharpiegate

    13. Two desk mates teamed up to give us *chef's kiss* THIS.

    saya_doge / Via

    14. This kid's dad got GOT.

    15. This adorable kitty that's up for adoption captured our hearts with its very...*unique* facial markings.

    The Mini Cat Commune / Via Facebook: minikittycommune

    16. This guy made a special shirt for his girlfriend.

    TheChin709 / Via

    17. People on Twitter expressed what their weaknesses would be if they ever got robbed.

    @bkerogers / Via Twitter: @bkerogers

    @marchimark Me, hiding under the bed: Armed Robber: ... Me: ... Armed Robber: ... Me: ... Armed Robber: So no one told you life was gonna be this way... Me: 👏👏👏👏- aw, damn it.

    18. And finally, we found the Tik Tok that might give "Mr. Sandman Cat" a run for his money.

    It happened. I found the perfect TikTok video

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