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13 Funny Sharpie Memes People Made After Trump Showed A Fake Hurricane Forecast Map

"Most people don't know Salt Lake City was included in the Louisiana Purchase."

As you've probably heard by now, President Trump yesterday used a fake forecast map of Hurricane Dorian to back up his false claim that it would strike Alabama.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

As BuzzFeed News reported, "Trump showed off the map in the Oval Office after falsely stating in a tweet Sunday that Alabama was among the several states expected to face impacts from the hurricane." His tweet on Sunday even prompted the National Weather Service's Birmingham office to tweet that "Alabama will NOT see any impacts from #Dorian."

Like, SOMEONE literally altered the map with a black marker to include Alabama.

Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images

Objectively, the president lying about a hurricane forecast is NOT funny, but people couldn't get over the sheer ridiculousness of it all, so they took a page from the Oval Office playbook and hilariously started Sharpie-ing other photos.

1. Like this one, which ensures Trump looks taller than Obama:

Trump releases photo to show he’s taller than Obama.

(FYI, he actually is taller.)

2. And this one that imagines him winning the popular vote:

Ah, the truth finally comes out. #sharpiegate

3. Or, just like, getting a hole in one:

4. My personal favorite, though, had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with my desire to one day own a home:

Just viewed my credit score and it’s fantastic! #sharpiegate

5. BOOM!

6. The Daily Show got in on the "fun":

7. This inauguration photo is not doctored at all — not a bit:

WH Press Secretary just released a newly discovered photo of Trump Inauguration. #sharpiegate #sharpie

8. Neither is this pic:

The president was spotted walking the family dog today. He’s full blooded sharpie. #sharpiegate

9. OF COURSE someone did this:

My hands are big, the biggest, huge hands. Very big. This picture clearly shows off my massive manly hands. #SharpieGate #SharpieTrump

10. And this one too:

White House releases new photo of Trump’s completed border wall #SharpieGate

11. You hate to see it!

Trump releases photo showing how windmills cause cancer. #sharpiegate

12. History was changed.

@NBCNews @MalcolmNance "Most people don't know Salt Lake City was included in the Louisiana Purchase." - Trump #sharpiegate

13. And George Washington rolled over in his grave (probably).

They took the airports #TrumpSharpie #sharpiegate

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