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Billie Eilish Unfollowed Tana Mongeau On Instagram, So Tana Made A 15-Minute Video About It

I friggin' love YouTube.

Earlier today, I was minding my own business when Tana Mongeau tweeted this harrowing tweet:

uploading a VERY serious video in a few min

Needless to say, I immediately went over to YouTube and kept refreshing my feed until the video went live.

The video in question was called: "Billie Eilish unfollowed me."

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ICYMI, Tana Mongeau is a huge Billie Eilish stan. A few months ago, she uploaded video to her channel where she dressed like Billie Eilish for a week.

Fast forward a couple of months to Jake and Tana's engagement, where Billie was v vocal about how wild she thought it all was.

This was further solidified when Tana uploaded this screenshot of Billie saying she wasn't coming to her wedding in this vid.

Which brings us to today, when Tana Mongeau realized Billie Eilish unfollowed her on IG.

Most people would — to themselves, in private — be like, "Oh, bummer." But not our Tana!

Tana uploaded a 15-minute-and-15-second long video of her being "devastated" by the news of Billie unfollowing her as "When The Party's Over" played in the background.

Was this video necessary? No. Did we learn anything new in this video? Not really. Did I watch all 15 minutes and change of this video? Absolutely.