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A Sexist Tweet About Kirsten Dunst Has Led To A Hilarious Meme Celebrating Versatile Female Actors

"Amy Adams could do The Godfather, but Al Pacino couldn’t do Enchanted."

First a little background: Last week, Kirsten Dunst got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame recognizing her iconic contributions to TV and film.

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

However, in a now-deleted tweet about the ceremony, Reuters said Dunst was "best known for her role as Spiderman's girlfriend."

Twitter: @Reuters / Via Twitter: @Reuters

Excuse me?!? Spider-Man's girlfriend?!?

Universal Pictures

Anyway, the sexist tweet from Reuters gave rise to other tweets celebrating the versatility of female actors, while also highlighting the credit they so often fail to receive. The meme goes like this:

kirsten dunst could do once upon a time in hollywood but leonardo dicaprio couldn’t do bring it on

Here are some of the best ones:


rachel weisz could do james bond but daniel craig couldn’t do the favourite


amy adams could do the godfather but al pacino couldn’t do enchanted


Megan Fox could do fight club but Brad Pitt couldn’t do Jennifer’s Body


anne hathaway could do american psycho but christian bale couldn’t do princess diaries


Nicole Kidman could do ‘The Shining’ but Jack Nicholson couldn’t do ‘Practical Magic’


meg ryan could do INCEPTION but leo dicaprio couldn’t do WHEN HARRY MET SALLY


Judy Greer could do Wolf of Wall Street but Leo couldn’t do 13 Going on 30


nicole kidman could do national treasure but nicolas cage couldn’t do moulin rouge


meryl streep could do the wolf of wall street but leonardo dicaprio couldn’t do mamma mia


lucy liu could do the wolf of wall street but leonardo dicaprio couldn't do charlie's angels


hilary duff could do inglourious basterds but brad pitt couldn’t do cadet kelly


Anne Hatheway could do Darkest Hour but Gary Oldman couldn’t do Devil Wears Prada.


Julie Andrews could do terminator but Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t do Mary Poppins


lena headey could do walter white but bryan cranston couldn’t do cersei lannister

From there, the meme spiraled out of control, and basically no one was safe.


lana del rey could do illustrations of everyday life but norman rockwell couldn’t do norman f*****g rockwell


robert pattinson could do cmbyn but armie couldn’t do twilight


taylor swfit could do the wolf of wall street but leonardo dicaprio couldn’t do the reputation stadium tour


hozier could do romeo & juliet easy but shakespeare couldn’t do work song


Peppa Pig could do Lincoln but Daniel Day Lewis couldn’t do Peppa Pig


Britney Spears could do FutureSex/LoveSounds but Justin Timberlake couldn’t do Blackout


bill hader could do nightcrawler but jake gyllenhaal couldn’t do stefon

Not a single lie detected! Sound off in the comments, and check out more of our TV & Movies coverage here.