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21 Players Set To Take Over March Madness

Every year, March Madness brings together the most extreme and casual sports fan for a few weeks of basketball magic and mayhem. Here's some of the best college players you'll witness make buckets to swing the fate of your brackets. We've divided them into 4 categories, or brackets, if you catch our drift.

Sean Freidlin 5 years ago

14 Apps That Need To Get a Room

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, loving couples around the world are preparing for their special night together. Here's what may happen if you paired up some popular apps, locked them in a hotel room with a dozen chocolate covered strawberries, and checked back 9 months later…depending on download speed.

Sean Freidlin 5 years ago

10 Hanukkah Gifts You Wanted In 1993

When Hanukkah rolls around on Wednesday, November 27th, chances are you'll be at work, waiting to go home and eat potato latkes while drowning out your family's questions with your father's liquor cabinet. 8 crazy nights with 8 gifts? Those days are over. Relive them now before you get stuck in the "when are you getting married?" conversation.

Sean Freidlin 6 years ago

14 Surprising Facts About Sea Otters

Widely considered the cutest animal in the ocean, sea otters have a troubled history with humans. Let's celebrate these adorable creatures!

Sean Freidlin 6 years ago

10 Things New Zealanders Do Waiting For America's Cup

On the West Coast, there are thousands of sailing fans changing their flights and re-purposing dirty clothes, all sitting around waiting to for the conclusion of the America’s Cup. After 13 days of racing for a trophy in a rich white man’s sport, the race has been delayed due to lack of wind (or too much wind), leaving lots of Kiwis with time to burn. In an event that seemed like a “slam dunk”, its taken way too long to acquire the prize, and the madness needs to end. What are thousands of Kiwis to do with all this lost time? Here’s how they've made San Fransisco their home while waiting for this damn thing to be over and the cup to be theirs.

Sean Freidlin 6 years ago

2013 NCAA Kickoff Preview: 16 Games You Need To See

As the weather cools down and it’s no longer an option to get drunk on the beach, you can get drunk every Saturday on a couch or bar stool near you with the return of college football. Chances are you’re an “adult” though, and sometimes Saturdays are for errands and long brunches with your girlfriend. If you only have time to watch one game per Saturday, make sure you catch these.

Sean Freidlin 6 years ago

Happy To Hangry: A Step-By-Step Guide

Han-gry (han-gree) adjective, 1) A state of anger caused by lack of food 2) Hunger resulting in a negative shift in your mood 3) Frustration as a result of prolonged starvation

Sean Freidlin 6 years ago

42 Signs You Went On Birthright

When you found out you were going on a free trip to Israel, you had no idea what to expect. What transpired turned into the most amazing, culturally significant vacation of your life with 40 friends you’ll never forget.

Sean Freidlin 6 years ago