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10 Signs You're Obsessed With An App

Everyone has their favorite app, but after a while things get serious and you fall in love. When you know, you know.

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1. When your first instinct whenever you stop moving is to open the app and see what you missed

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2. When you follow the app, and its employees, and their dogs on every social media platform more loyally than a groupie for One Direction

3. When your phone is thirsty for battery life and you know it’s about to die so you start closing all of your apps but leave it open so you can share those last few precious moments together

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4. When you can recite the changes between version 1.8, 2.3, and 2.4 because you read the “What’s New” notes for each and every app store update

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5. When you send more messages using the app than you do with your Gmail account, because Email went out of style with Crocs

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6. When you click “YES” to any notification it wants to send you, because you love it so much you just can’t say no

7. When you connect with someone you’ve never met before on the app and your heart explodes with excitement that you have a new friend

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8. When you meet more people through the app than you do in real life

9. When you customize the notification sound it makes so you won’t get it confused with someone else using the app in the same room

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10. When you have a specific folder for pretty much every app you download, except THAT app, because you know how much time you’ll save by making it that much easier to open

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