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10 Hanukkah Gifts You Wanted In 1993

When Hanukkah rolls around on Wednesday, November 27th, chances are you'll be at work, waiting to go home and eat potato latkes while drowning out your family's questions with your father's liquor cabinet. 8 crazy nights with 8 gifts? Those days are over. Relive them now before you get stuck in the "when are you getting married?" conversation.

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1. TMNT Technodrome / Via

Listen, we were all rooting for the Turtles, but Kang and Shredder knew how to ride in style. This toy was pretty pricey back in the day, but loaded to the gills with ridiculous features, little pieces we could lose in our basements and wheels to roll around on. If you didn't get one, a friend of yours did, and suddenly you were hanging out with that friend a lot more often. Plus, he had a great snack cabinet.

2. Creepy Crawlers

The Easy Bake Over for little boys, because while girls baked muffins, naturally we wanted to create spiders and scorpions. Turn it on, fill the molds with "PlastiGoop" and wait for your creepy creations to cook into rubbery snacks...I mean...everyone ate these right?

It even has a viewing window! Who needs video games?

3. Super Soaker 50

The first Super Soaker ever made and years ahead of the ALL NEON EVERYTHING craze, it took a very liberal Jewish mother to gift this masterpiece to her child. Unfortunately, if you weren't a recipient of this water gun, you probably fell victim to it.

4. Power Rangers Megazord


In 1993, Power Rangers was the greatest TV show and the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of cereal on a Saturday morning (hopefully Count Chocula).

The Pink Ranger was your first crush, and a the end of every episode when our five heroes formed together into Megazord to defeat Rita Repulsa's monster of the week, life was perfect.

This toy encapsulated all of the joy that show brought into a cool transformer with enough detachable parts and features to keep any kid distracted.

5. Pogs Hologram Slammer

Before you could get slammed on beers or slam dunk a basketball, you were slamming stacks of Pogs with one of these suckers.

In retrospect, Pogs were our Intro to Gambling 101 class, allowing us to experience the thrill of winning something that didn't belong to you. A hologram slammer was the crown jewel of any collection and a valuable asset when you were playing for keeps.

If you weren't playing for keeps, you were probably the kid getting doused by the Super Soaker 50 too.

6. Stretch Armstrong

Bad showing at recess on the monkey bars? Screw up your multiplication tables? Any child could find solace knowing that good ole' Stretch was waiting at home. As our earliest form of stress relief, Mr. Armstrong would twist and stretch every which way but loose.

Once that got old, we satisfied our curiosity for the unknown (without the help of AOL or Google) by finding a pair of scissors and poking away, only to discover that was the one thing he couldn't recover from.

Taylor Lautner will play the role of Stretch Armstrong in a 2014 feature film produces by Brian Grazer and obviously, in 3D. Thank's Hasbro!

7. Super Nintendo + Super Mario World

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If you could only get ONE gift and it could be this, would you forego the 7 other nights? Yes, of course you would. The other gifts don't come with Yoshi.

Sorry Creepy Crawlers, this commercial says its all.

8. Gak

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Nickelodeon in the 1990's can make the argument that it had a stronger lineup of programming, for it's audience, than any other channel. Cartoons like Doug, Rugrats and Rocko's Modern Life, along with gameshows like Nick Arcade, Double Dare, Guts and Legends of the Hidden Temple proved one thing...Nickelodeon knows what kids like. Fart noises.

Gak was proof that sometimes simple pleasures are the best kind.

9. Beanie Babies: The Original 9

During the 1993 holiday season, the first Beanie Babies were released. The original 9 were Legs the Frog, Squealer the Pig, Spot the Dog, Flash the Dolphin, Splash the Whale, Chocolate the Moose, Patti the Platypus, Brownie the Bear and Pinchers the Lobster.

Which did you get? Just head down to your basement and dig through the toy chest full of these valuable plush investments, then come back and let us know. Don't damage the tags!

10. Talkboy

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Kevin McCallister was a role model and creative innovator ahead of his time. One of his primary tools of mischief was the TalkBoy, created by Tiger Electronics. After seeing Home Alone 2 in 1992, so many kids sent letters (IN THE MAIL!) to Tiger that in 1993 they released this toy to the public.

Happy Holidays you filthy animals.

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