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14 Apps That Need To Get a Room

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, loving couples around the world are preparing for their special night together. Here's what may happen if you paired up some popular apps, locked them in a hotel room with a dozen chocolate covered strawberries, and checked back 9 months later…depending on download speed.

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Seamless + Instagram

Mario Rocchi / Via Twitter: @mario_rocchi

The delivery app revolution has proven to be deliciously crippling for our waists and wallets, but it has yet to reach its full potential. Instagram is the number one source of food porn on your phone, but it’s all a tease unless you can have a taste. So let’s combine these juggernaut apps.

Scrap the menus, and reading altogether, because ain’t nobody got time for that!

Let us order our 3 square meals by looking at 3 square pictures.

Twitter + StumbleUpon

Mario Rocchi / Via Twitter: @mario_rocchi

Wasting time is fun, and if you can learn something while you do, even better. Twitter may be the first and last app you check every day, but with so many people using it and so many things being tweeted (Over 200 million per day), it’s easy to miss a lot if you’re not looking in the right place.

So don’t look. Just roll the dice.

Lets combine the best elements of StumbleUpon’s serendipitous wandering with Twitter’s vast thought catalog. You may just find your favorite new follow, or the funniest 140 characters you’ve ever seen.

Snapchat + Messages

Mario Rocchi / Via Twitter: @mario_rocchi

This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds. No, really.

Whether it’s making sure that 3 A.M. drunken text doesn’t exist in the morning or sharing a fleeting sentiment with a loved one, the answer is Ghost Writer. The piece of mind that comes with knowing you can be as irresponsible with your words as you can be with your camera is one we MUST feel.

Because if the proof is in the pudding, but you ate the pudding, then there ain’t no proof!

Shazam + Camera

Mario Rocchi / Via Twitter: @mario_rocchi

Step 1: Point your camera at that restaurant you’ve never eaten at but keep passing on the way home from work, or that apartment building with an interesting architectural style that reminds you of your time abroad.

Step 2: Touch To Shazamagraph!

Step 3: Learn everything the Internet knows about that place of which you just took a surprisingly good photo.

Netflix + Evernote

Mario Rocchi / Via Twitter: @mario_rocchi

Sometimes creativity is stemmed from someone else’s creativity, right? That’s why everyone spends every waking moment binge watching new shows on Netflix in between old movies…right?

Well, maybe not…but that doesn’t change the fact that it would be really helpful if we could just make a note of that really funny joke from a Parks and Recreation marathon without having to pause. With Noteflix, you’ll remember the exact moment of Love, Actually when you realized you were actually in love.

Temple Run + Google Maps

Mario Rocchi / Via Twitter: @mario_rocchi

The king of the endless running genre, with an exhaustive list of app store imitators, the thing Temple Run needs most is some variety. The idea of building a level or creating a map has existed since the days of N64, so maybe it’s time our phones caught up?

Enter Google Maps. Use the digital globe to recreate your apartment-to-office commute, and then play that level every day on your commute. Whether it’s a cross-country trek, a neighborhood jogging route, or someone else’s twisted vision, the idea of running with a destination has endless possibilities.

Candy Crush Saga + Nike Running

Mario Rocchi / Via Twitter: @mario_rocchi

Face it, you’re addicted to “the sweetest game ever”. You play it at home, you play it in the bathroom, and if we’re being honest…you’re playing too much. It’s becoming an unhealthy habit. Despite all your practice, you’re not very good are you? I can’t know for sure, but you’re really fishing for extra lives on Facebook way too much. You’ve started eating more candy too, right? Don’t feel bad, we all have.

We need help. We need Nike. Run a mile, get an extra life. It’s that easy. Like an adult version of the NFL’s Play 60 campaign, this coupling can get everyone exercising a little bit more and crushing calories while you crush candy.

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