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21 Courageous Pets Who Don't Care What You Think

Behold - the definition of fierce. These critters are doing what they want, and are not concerning themselves with other peoples' opinions. Way to be! Get out there! And let Scope help you out in the fresh breath department.

10 Of The Most Courageous Proposals

How do you ask the most important question of your life? Two words - Flash Mob. Maybe these bold proposals will help you summon the courage to ask for something you want. In the meantime, let Scope help you out by freshening you up!

16 Hilarious Aprons For Courageous Cooks

Whether you're cooking with meat or cooking with veggies - always cook with style. Put yourself out there with these unique and courageous aprons - and remember to keep it fresh, with Scope!

11 Movies That Gave You The Courage To Be Yourself

Sometimes, when you're feeling down, all you need is a good movie to pick you up. Let these films and Scope help get you out of your shell - all it takes is a little courage!

12 Of The Bravest Public Pranks

Scope’s bacon-flavored April Fools joke may be over, but the fun never stops. Think you've got enough social courage to make the best public prank? Take a swig of Scope, get your courage on, and check out these stunts for next year's April Fools inspiration. If you didn’t see Scope’s Bacon flavored mouthwash spoof, be sure to check it out at

The 13 Most Courageous Public Displays Of Affection

These fearless lovers know how to go in for the kiss. And you should too! What's the worst that could happen? Amp up your courage and freshen your breath with Scope, and you'll be ready to kiss anyone in public.

17 Easy Ways To Start A Conversation With A Stranger

Talking to new people isn't hard. Seriously! Anyone can do it if they build up a little courage. So swish some Scope, and let's start making friends!

15 Cute And Courageous Animals

If these animals can muster up some courage, surely you can too! Scope is courage, an ounce at a time. It’s a tingly, refreshing fear-destroyer that freshens your breath and brings your courage out of hibernation.

24 Courageous Sport Fans You Wish You Could Be

When it's game time, it's go time. It's no time to be shy or afraid of the spotlight. When you're cheering in the stands, let your social courage shine! Freshen up with Scope, and cheer on with your pals. Go team!

The Most Courageous Moves To Use On The Dance Floor

The world is your stage, and life is a dance floor! So don't be afraid to grab your friends, and bust a move at any given chance the spirit comes to you. And if you need some extra bravery, use Scope to get your social courage going!

19 Ways You Can Learn Courage From Kids

Some of the greatest lessons in life can be learned from little kids. Be nice to others, share your toys, and never be afraid to be yourself! And if you ever need more encouragement to be socially courageous, try Scope. It freshens your breath and brings your courage out of hibernation.

19 People With Really Courageous Mustaches

November is here, so why not spruce up your facial hair with a new mustache? Make your facial hair a work of art! And if you need some help stepping out in public with your new 'do, get some social courage with Scope, the fear destroyer. You'll be saying hello to strangers and making new friends in no time!