10 Of The Most Courageous Proposals

How do you ask the most important question of your life? Two words - Flash Mob. Maybe these bold proposals will help you summon the courage to ask for something you want. In the meantime, let Scope help you out by freshening you up!

1. Downtown Disney Flash Mob

This guy’s got guts.

2. Most Adorable Website Proposal Probably Ever

Jim Babb / Via vimeo.com

Jim asked Julie to marry her with a website. This website. Now those are some bold coding skills put to good use.

3. Lakeside Surprise

It’s brave enough, getting on a dock with impaired vision. Bravo! Watch the proposal here.

4. Madison Square Park Flash Mob

Flash mobs are extremely effective! Take note! Next time you have an important question, consider choreographing a flash mob. Ok?

5. Isaac Pulls Out All the Stops


6. Will You Marry Meme?

There aren’t too many people who have enough courage to propose with a sequence of memes. This guy is our hero.

7. The Ol' Movie Trailer Proposal

Can you even imagine the cojones on this guy? He filmed a fake trailer, and played it for his girlfriend without her knowing. Inspiring.

8. Another Flash Mob! This Time? With Adorable Little Girls.

The effort it must have taken to teach all those girls this six minute dance - unreal. He must have SERIOUSLY wanted to marry this girl.

9. Ok. Now THAT'S a Flash Mob.

Hundreds of people came out to help this guy ask a girl to marry him. All it takes is a little courage! And a background in choreography helps, too.

10. The Ultimate Set-up

This one had a lipdub sequence, happy memories written down, a video of people saying how awesome this girl is, and finally, a sea side party. No one stands a chance against this guy. He wins.

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