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17 Of The Most Courageous Yearbook Quotes

This is your one chance to leave your mark, make it count! Be courageous! Go out with a bang! But make sure bad breath isn't your legacy - use Scope to freshen up.

1. Be sure to make your intentions known. This guy's got some serious cajones.

2. Good advice! Get out there and accomplish something! Does not apply to surgeons!

marjorystewartbaxter / Via

3. Make assumptions about what friends say when you're not around! You shall accumulate more friends!

beccajrr / Via

4. Takes some serious courage to make this your eternal legacy.

morganfranchina / Via

5. Take a stand. Be fearless. You earned it.

jbbaseball28 / Via

6. Rosa Parks, Schmoza Parks - IT STILL WORKS!

7. Be bold enough to follow your dreams.

conankarp / Via

8. Be bold enough to follow your passions!

twinztwo / Via

9. Just...BE BOLD!!

10. What, you think this quote is ill-fitting? Shows how much you know. This kid has more courage in his earlobe than most people have in their entire body.

11. Since writing this, this man has gained 138 new Facebook friends. FYI.

matthewsewell_53_25 / Via

12. You're a dinosaur! You're a hunchback! YOU HAVE ONE MILLION FRIENDS!!!

13. Nothing gets past this guy. Ask him to apologize. He won't.


15. Make it significant. Make it count. Make it something your grandkids will look at and swell with pride.

heatherkirk90 / Via

16. Let all your friends know that you're classy, and that you also know how to have a good time.

komila44 / Via

17. Or...just do this. This is fine. You're perfect.