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21 Courageous Pets Who Don't Care What You Think

Behold - the definition of fierce. These critters are doing what they want, and are not concerning themselves with other peoples' opinions. Way to be! Get out there! And let Scope help you out in the fresh breath department.

1. Don't just wear that necklace. WEAR THAT NECKLACE.

2. If you've gotta wear your house on your back - might as well bedazzle the bejeezus out of it. YOU GO, TURTLE.

3. Dance like no one's watching.

4. Your love is forbidden, but so real. Shout it from the mountaintops!

5. They've been working hard for those beach bodies, and clearly, it's paid off.


7. After a long day of barking at cars and eating grass, this fella DESERVES a relaxing bath.

8. You think these puppy boots look silly? Well guess what. THEY'RE FABULOUS.

9. He wants ice cream, and he wants it now.

10. "Take me to the Google! I wish to tell internet how fantastic I am!"

11. "Oh, is this annoying? Is it annoying you? I care not what you think."

12. If ever in doubt, always remember: jazz hands make everything better.

13. She's taking a stand. This hallway is hers, now.

14. Lost your cheese? Don't worry! There's another piece of cheese right here! How convenient.

15. Fear not what others think. Do what makes you happy.

16. Could not care less what others are saying about him. Constantly oozing excellence.

17. You're purrrrrfect.

18. Ralph has a passion for hip hop, and he's not afraid to show it.

19. Today, Pudge conquers her fear of heights!

20. Be like this koala. Next time you see someone's bare leg - grab onto it and yell, "YOU'RE MY VEHICLE NOW!"

21. When all else fails, just remember - you're...