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    31 Things To Solve All Your Beauty Problems

    We've got a solution for them all.

    1. A gentle, non-stripping, no-nonsense, and hydrating La Roche-Posay cleanser to whip out whenever your other ~fancy~ cleansers are irritating or breaking out your skin — consider this to be your skincare reset button!

    2. An eyeliner wing stamp for every makeup-loving soul who'd like to spend less time (and shed fewer tears) on drawing on a perfect wing...and another one that actually matches!

    3. A L'Oreal mascara primer if mascara alone just doesn't cut it for your teensy, straight-as-a twig lashes — voluminous lashes are within reach!

    4. Pointed Q-tips to erase tiny slip-ups with intense precision, so you don't have to start all over (because...what a hassle).

    5. And Garnier micellar water for clearing away those "oops" moments — plus, it takes off light makeup in a pinch, or is a great pre-face wash step to ensure that *everything* gets off.

    6. A color-changing lip balm that reacts with the pH of your lips to create the perfect, custom pink for your lips — it's just the hint of color you need without any of the fuss that comes with regular lipsticks.

    7. A refreshing Mario Badescu AHA body soap filled with grapefruit and papaya extracts to rid yourself of annoying bacne and problem areas in hard to reach places (with the help of a sponge or towel!) — be gone, clogged pores!

    8. Pacifica deodorant wipes that smell like an island vacay and make your B.O. issues disappear with a quick succession of gentle coconut-milk-infused wipes.

    9. A Kenra blow-dry spray to cut down on drying time *and* protect your hair from heat damage, so your locks look fresh, shiny, and luscious in no time at all.

    10. A stackable makeup organizer so you can make sure all your precious products are neatly displayed and equally loved/used — no more frantic "Where is my mascara and that one eyeshadow I really want to wear??" yelling spells in the morning!

    11. A lightweight Almay salicylic acid concealer for when you wake with an unwelcome visit from the pimple fairy and need something that will cover *and* treat it at the same time.

    12. A soothing Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray to spritz your face with whenever your face feels a lil' tight, dry, or in need of a wake up call — so basically me every waking minute this winter.

    13. A pack of Cosrx pimple patches you can keep handy whenever a breakout is imminent — because this will isolate it, drain the pus, and make it disappear much quicker than it's capable of doing just by itself.

    14. A creamy NYX eye pencil that even the most unsteady of hands won't have trouble with — it's perfect for creating a quick, smudgey eyeliner look that looks classy and ~high fashion~. Or blend it out for easy, all-over eyeshadow!

    15. A barely-there translucent powder to stop the oiliest of T-zones and silly humidity from wrecking your pristine makeup — hold the applause until the end of the day, when your foundation is still lookin' flawless and the only shine on your face is from your actual highlight.

    16. A travel-sized set of Soko Glam K-beauty skin savers that help you repair your skin on the go, no matter what problems come your way — breakouts, dryness, cracked lips, dull skin, fried hair, etc.

    17. A matcha lip mask to soothe dry, cracked lips overnight, so you can wake up with soft lips that are ready for action — and whatever lip color you want to throw on!

    18. A pack of translucent rice powder blotting papers that combat any excess oil or shine that DARES to show itself throughout the day — not today, Satan!

    19. Or a The Body Shop mattifying moisturizer as a preemptive step against the inevitable appearance of your worst enemy, Shiny Forehead.

    20. A Facetory sheet mask subscription box to supercharge your skin with ~consistent~ hydration, so you never have those "OMG, my skin is so tight and uncomfortable moments" ever.

    21. A super black gel liner that gets right there on your waterline and *stays* all day without smudging, transferring, fading, or irritating your eyes — this is what miracles are made of, folks!

    22. An argan oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E–infused hair serum to transform coarse, damaged locks into a shiny, healthy mane — with just one small pump!

    23. A dpHUE apple cider vinegar hair rinse for a clarifying hair and scalp wash that *won't* drain your color — that's right, it substitutes both your shampoo and conditioner when your hair just needs a break.

    24. A beloved It Cosmetics CC cream with full coverage, SPF 50, an anti-aging serum, and of course color-correcting technology for a flawless complexion, even when you're flying out the door.

    25. A Sally Hansen gel-formula cuticle remover that dissolves cuticles, calluses, and hangnails in just 15 seconds — so your nails are looking neat and conditioned before you even add color!

    26. A Londontown smudge-fixing nail coat to smooth out little mistakes if you're one of those impatient people who can't wait for their nails to fully dry before using your hands (meeee!) — and it's also a great touchup/refresh for already done nails from before!

    27. A Bioré essence-like sunscreen that truly melts into your skin right away, if your biggest hangup about sunscreen is how heavy/goopy it feels on your skin — it's also friendly towards super sensitive eye areas *and* doesn't leave a damn white cast!

    28. A hydrating Onomie lip, eye, and cheek balm for one product that really does it all! Hello, color without the hassle of digging around for multiple products! Hello, thematic lewks!

    29. An all-day-hold Lime Crime brow gel that deposits just the right about of color, weight, and shape — so your face looks instantly more put together.

    30. A caffeine-infused 100% Pure eye cream to help with lack-of-sleep-induced, raising-kids-inflicted, and general stress-related puffiness and dark circles — it's like a cup of jo for your peepers!

    31. A Milani eyeshadow primer that actually stays put on oily lids and just helps keep your eye makeup entirely intact no matter how many unconscious attempts you make to mess it up.

    You, an actual beauty genius: