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    27 Things Under $25 That Mean Business

    Time to get things done in the new decade.

    1. A tub of Musher's Secret wax to protect your pupper's paws from too hot or too cold pavements all year long — some reviewers even say it helps dogs with hyperkeratosis.

    2. A durable honeycomb drawer insert to corral your socks, scarves, ties, undies, etc. in style — so you can actually see which is which when getting dressed in the morning. A more organized drawer = a drawer that can hold more.

    3. A bulk box of Sleepytime herbal tea with a soothing blend of chamomile, spearmint, and lemongrass that'll help you wind down at the end of the day and prepare for... well... sleepytime.

    4. A red wine stain remover that will embolden you to do nightly karaoke while using your glass of merlot as a microphone.

    5. A pomegranate de-seeder that'll keep you from splurging on prepared fruit — just pop the cut-in-half pomegranate on top, and tap with a spoon until every seed comes out. Your favorite superfood is ready to eat, and you didn't even have to get super annoyed.

    6. Investing 101, a beginner's guide to all the money-making terms we probably don't know — but should. Why are there so many confusing acronyms??

    7. A set of plant-watering globes so your lil' green friends can drink to their leafy hearts' content... you know, without *you* needing to actually remember to do it. Just fill with water once, and stick 'em in the soil.

    8. This multifunctional carabiner that can be used to attach things like your keys or water bottle to your backpack — and it can open a bottle of beer.

    9. An eight pack of spiral spin pins so you can transform a lazy pony into a chick updo in just seconds. Everyone will think you tried when you really just... didn't.

    10. A stainless steel Sink Shroom from the makers of the cult-fave TubShroom that'll blend right in with your sink and keep *all* the pesky food remnants from clogging your drain.

    11. A trio of mini Pet House candles that'll truly knock out the worst pet stinks and leave your home smelling ahhh-mazing. Each candle burns for up to 12 hours!

    12. A few sheets of LED-dimming stickers to finally keep those pesky router, TV, clock, and other electronic lights from ruining your ~room of complete darkness~.

    13. A Chuckit! ball launcher that'll be a years-long treat for any four-legged friends who love to R-U-N.

    14. A gorgeous textured travel wallet that'll store your cash, boarding pass, passport, credit cards, and more so you'll *finally* feel organized going through security and making it to your gate. Plus, it's really cute.

    15. A stainless steel cleaner spray that will eliminate fingerprints, smudges, residue, and grease from your appliances.

    16. A pack of bedsheet suspender clips that will make sure your sheet doesn't slip off the corner of your mattress again.

    17. A bottle of Bar Keepers Friend that will eliminate difficult soap scum, rust, hard water deposits, and just about everything else.

    18. This genius rubber ducky that will warn you when the bath water is too hot for a baby's delicate skin.

    19. This 2-in-1 meat chopper that will easily separate *and* drain ground meat. Say goodbye to soggy and greasy nachos!

    20. An ice cube tray with a lid, so you don't have to play freezer Tetris every time you refill it. Plus, it'll prevent the ice from tasting stale.

    21. A pack of reusable rubber twist ties that will keep your cords and cables from turning into a nightmare of a mess.

    22. A pack of chewable Pepto-Bismol tablets to solve any mysterious tummy problems before they turn into disasters.

    23. A three-blade microfibre blinds cleaner so you don't have to continue to turn a *blind eye* to all that hidden dust.

    24. A pack of interdental cleaners that are great for anyone who has braces or simply loathes the feeling of flossing. Their wire tips bend for easy access, while the brush heads remove food and plaque without the need for tricky maneuvering.

    25. A sloth to-do notepad so procrastinators can keep living in the slow lane, but still manage to accomplish all your tasks. These sloths won't judge how long it takes to get some things finished, but they're not leaving until you check everything off.

    26. This sturdy over-the-cabinet bag holder that you can hang on the outside *or* inside of any kitchen or bathroom cabinet to make cleaning up a breeze.

    27. A package of touch-up razors so you can safely remove unwanted peach fuzz and stray eyebrow and chin hairs. The blades are designed with built-in guards so they won't cut your skin, plus you'll receive an extra attachment for super precise eyebrow shaping.

    Me talking about my new sloth notepad: