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This Candle Will Tell All The Weird Smells In Your House To GTFO

And it smells like a regular candle. I'm obsessed!

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Meet Cleo. Despite her adorable face, friendly demeanor, and scrumptious rolls, she's a canine through-and-through — and that includes her distinctly doggy smell.

Now, meet the (amazing!) candle that helps me get rid of that "distinctly doggy smell."

Trust me. I know my way around odor-neutralizing products. Don't believe me?

* In college, my landlord replaced the old A/C unit of my duplex with a new unit and covered up a hole in our yard next to the old A/C unit in the process. I'm 99.99% sure a family of some kind of animal lived and died in there after they were trapped. As a result, my apartment REEKED of dead animal for, like, a month and the landlord said they could do nothing about it. OK, slum lord. So I bought approximately 10 odor-killing products in a Lowe's shopping trip to annihilate the smell. They didn't work!

* I currently live in a New York City pre-war apartment, which is to say, I have no central A/C. The apartment smells like whatever I'm cooking as soon as I start cooking it. And that smell hangs around because the exhaust fan is not vented to the outside — which is just dumb. I love roasted Brussels sprouts, but not the way they make my digs smell.

* Having a nugget run around your abode leaves a wake of dog hair (no matter how much you brush) and a lingering smell, especially in the summer. It's a constant struggle, even when you're vigilant about cleaning. (I'm not always vigilant about cleaning, though.)


Sometimes the dog smell can make me feel like the mopey version of Cleo (especially when it's hot outside) and most odor-neutralizing candles smell like you dumped a jug of fabric softener into a load of towels. Not this one.

As you can see, Cleo clocks in hours luxuriating on the couch on the reg. So I light this bad boy to make the joint smell nice and eliminate any dog smells.

Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

Sure, regular candles help some. But this candle acts fast and I don't have to keep it lit for long, which is safe/good because I'm terribly forgetful. It comes in so many ~regular~ candle smells like Fresh Citrus and Pumpkin Spice — not just the de rigueur odor-neutralizing Clean Laundry or Fresh Air. And in case you're wondering, Mango Peach smells divine.

This good girl is too busy living her best life to notice the difference these candles make, but I can tell!

@royalnuggetcleo / Via

Also worth noting they're made of 100% natural soy wax and without dyes, and the company supports nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue groups. Win-win for the furry friends!