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    An In-Depth Analysis Of Lorelai Gilmore's Love Interests

    "Max 'Mediocre' Medina."

    "Max forever gets points for the daisies thing."

    "Yeah, but otherwise he's kind of a tepid, dull guy."

    "Plus, seasonal allergies are real. Cool it with the flowers, dude.

    "Max 'Mediocre' Medina."

    "Max was so sweet! He was so patient with Lorelai."

    "Sure but they had no heat. They went on a couple dates, and then GOT ENGAGED."

    "Max is like the Lorelai equivalent of Dean."

    "Max is one of those people who always says he wants a tattoo and never gets one he just wants to be the person who gets one but is like, 'Nooo, people will think poorly of me!'"

    "Max is the kid who wore a suit to school way too young."

    "Max is the guy who read The Giver and identified with Jonas way too much."

    "Max totally used a rolling book bag in middle school."

    "Oh come on, Lorelai left on their wedding day. WHAT A FUCKED UP THING."

    "I love Lorelai forever and ever, but come on, get your shit together."

    "She's a very complex, nuanced character who isn't always likable, which is what makes her great."


    "Oh, and what about Alex?"

    "Oh yeah! That guy. He was younger, right?"

    "Yeah, he was a good guy, but sometimes good people are not right romantically."

    "Sometimes a lady doesn't want to fish and does not like a man who does."

    "The WEIRD thing is that he sort of fades away and we never see them break up."

    "He was a good guy! A lot of the other guys were poops at some point but he never really got sour."

    "He was a cool coffee dude though, which was a nice match for Lorelai."

    "Later, he played Bella's dad in Twilight."

    "That's probs why he left."

    "Almost definitely."

    "What about Jason?"

    "You mean Digger?"

    "What a weasel."

    "But a slightly earnest weasel."

    "With a nickname like 'Digger,' you're already doomed."

    "Doomed to be a jerk."

    "Oh! Remember his dog? That poor dog. Jason was a sociopath."

    "He was the opposite of Chris. Hard worker, wanted to be independent from his parents."

    "Kind of like Lorelai, but he was way more malicious than her toward his family."

    "Lorelai only ever went out with him to piss off her mom."

    "She should've just been friends with Jason."

    "They would have been SUCH good platonic allies."

    "Oh, as allies they could have done some damage."

    "That episode where they go on a date in that supermarket is pretty cute."

    "And then Lorelai had to sleep in the guest bedroom."

    "The fact that he just SHOWED UP at the inn's opening night, expecting that to be a grand gesture is just...wrong."

    "He did not deserve a Sookie dinner for that."

    "Did we ever find out WHY he was called Digger?"

    "Rich guys always have lame nicknames like that."

    "They said it was a camp nickname."

    "I'm assuming it was because he picked a wedgie or his nose or something."

    "Or was in charge of digging holes for pooping into."

    "Definitely that one."

    "I totally get why Christopher would be a fantastic high school boyfriend."

    "Hot, charming rebel."

    "Knocking up a girl? Yeah, sounds like a great guy."

    "One of the amazing things about Gilmore Girls is that the show really gets what makes a great high school boyfriend, and how that does NOT age with you."

    "Christopher is just like Logan. He never had to grow up."

    "He's the perfect example of what Lorelai didn't want to become."

    "It also felt like he thought he owned Lorelai throughout the series."

    "He's always buying Rory expensive gifts and then ghosting for long stretches — that's so real. And despicable."

    "How could Lorelai not resent him for being so absent for all of Rory's life?"

    "Unlike Luke who—"


    "Christopher was never as strong as Lorelai."

    "He did offer to marry her when she got pregnant, and they always had a connection."

    "Yeah, it's a 'I'll always love you' but not like 'I'll always be in love with you' connection though."

    "They tried to make it work, and it was admirable, but they just didn't work, too much had happened."

    "OK, here we go. Luke."

    "Luke made her a goddamn chuppa for her wedding to ANOTHER MAN."



    "We should stop yelling."

    "Luke cares more about other people than himself."

    "He was more of a dad to Rory than the infamous Christopher ever was."

    "Unrequited love is some really tough shit to deal with, and Luke dealt with his unrequited love for Lorelai way better than she dealt with hers for him."

    "Luke really gets Lorelai because they're both self-starting entrepreneurs who refuse to live on anyone else's terms."

    "If you guys met a Luke type, would you be immediately into him?


    "Yes, he's understated handsome, just a little grumpy, but secretly thoughtful."

    "He'd always be able to give you a caffeine fix, so yes."

    "But also, he'd never love you more than he loved flannel."

    "Luke's exes are kinda blah."

    "Rachel and Nicole are so NOT like Lorelai."


    "And then he hid it from Lorelai!"

    "The worst plot line ever."

    "We shouldn't even acknowledge this plot."

    "Even with those hiccups and flaws, Luke was still the best choice for Lorelai.

    "Out of our options here, he's the king."

    "Luke and Lorelai were true equals and respected each other as such."

    "Conclusion: Everyone can move a little bit to the left except for Luke."