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    11 Terrible Movie Sequels That Don't Deserve To Exist And 12 Sequels We Wish We Could See

    Where is Tangled 2 though!?

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which movie sequels they wish existed, and which sequels should never have happened! Here are some of the best suggestions:

    1. DESERVES A SEQUEL – Call Me By Your Name

    Sony Pictures Classics

    "Timothée and Armie are a match made in movie heaven and we need more Oliver and Elio. And more peach scenes... always more peach scenes! 🍑"


    2. SHOULDN'T EXIST – Frozen II

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    "We did not need a Frozen sequel. The first movie was a masterpiece and ended perfectly. The sequel was insanely boring and I really didn’t care about their family history."


    3. DESERVES A SEQUEL – Lemonade Mouth

    Disney Channel

    "We need a second Lemonade Mouth. I loved the first one so much and was so disappointed that there wasn’t a sequel."


    "We deserved a sequel! That movie was, and will continue to be, iconic."


    4. SHOULDN'T EXIST – the Pitch Perfect sequels

    Quantrell D. Colbert/Universal Pictures

    "I have said this before and I shall say it again: Pitch Perfect was fine as a stand alone film. We get it, Fat Amy is fat!"


    "I like the cast, but no one needed further Pitch Perfect movies. The success of the first one was largely due to the covers of already existing popular songs!"


    5. DESERVES A SEQUEL – Tangled

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    "I need a sequel to Tangled. That is one of the best Disney movies. I mean, every single character in that movie is entertaining."


    "Tangled definitely should’ve had a sequel over Frozen. I don’t count the TV series. Tangled doesn’t get the credit it deserves!"


    6. SHOULDN'T EXIST – The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

    Universal Pictures

    "The third instalment of The Mummy was beyond uncalled for! A third movie wasn't necessary, especially one without Rachel Weisz as Evie. The Mummy Returns wrapped things up nicely in my opinion."


    7. DESERVES A SEQUEL – Coraline

    Focus Features

    "We all could use Coraline 2 – the first one is a Halloween classic but Laika won’t make any sequels."


    8. SHOULDN'T EXIST – Sex and the City 2

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "It was an abomination and should never have happened. The first film was pretty good but the second was god awful."


    9. DESERVES A SEQUEL – Clueless

    Paramount Pictures

    "I'd be in for a sequel to Clueless. I never watched the TV show, so not sure where it fell in relation to the movie."


    10. SHOULDN'T EXIST – Mean Girls 2

    ABC Family

    "It was horrible, and had almost nothing to do with the first movie. It was just playing off of the Mean Girls fame."


    "The first one was too good and the second one just didn't make sense."


    "I'm not saying it's because of all the Disney channel actors, but they definitely didn't deliver outside of their Disney roles."


    11. DESERVES A SEQUEL – You've Got Mail

    Warner Bros.

    "We all need a You’ve Got Mail sequel because it ended with Meg Ryan's character finding out her love interest online was her enemy in real life. It was a wonderful ending, but I would have loved to have seen at least their next few months together."


    12. SHOULDN'T EXIST – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    Paramount Pictures

    "It's is an insult to Harrison Ford and everyone else who worked on the first one!"


    13. DESERVES A SEQUEL – Sky High

    Buena Vista Pictures

    "I think we deserve a sequel to Sky High. It's a terribly underrated movie, and has aged surprisingly well. It's also something I enjoyed watching as a kid and as an adult."


    14. SHOULDN'T EXIST – The Kissing Booth 2


    "No one needed a second The Kissing Booth, let alone a third."


    "I don't think we needed the sequel even if there are a couple other books in the series."


    15. DESERVES A SEQUEL – Carol

    StudioCanal UK/The Weinstein Company

    "We NEED a Carol 2. A prequel focussing on Carol and Abby's (Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson) relationship. Please!"


    16. SHOULDN'T EXIST – the Bridget Jones sequels

    Universal Pictures

    "Oh get rid of the Bridget Jones sequels – she always ends up with Darcy so it's all just fake drama."


    17. DESERVES A SEQUEL – The Princess and the Frog

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    "Tiana is such an underrated princess, and I’d love to see her working hard to make her restaurant a success and ignoring the usual trappings of princess life."


    18. SHOULDN'T EXIST – The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

    Walt Disney Home Entertainment

    "We all could have definitely lived without a sequel to The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The animation was terrible, the songs weren’t good either, and the character of Phoebus and Esmeralda's son was an annoying and basically useless plot device. Shouldn’t have been made, the first one was perfect!"


    "More like Notre Dumb! This movie was 🤮🤢💩. Dude, Esmeralda's eyes are blue now? BLUE?!"


    19. DESERVES A SEQUEL – Megamind

    Paramount Pictures/DreamWorks Animation

    "I would pay money for a Megamind sequel. Just the price of a cinema ticket, but it counts."


    20. SHOULDN'T EXIST – The Karate Kid sequels

    Columbia Pictures

    "My favorite movie of all time is The Karate Kid (1984). And while I think the sequels are fine, they're completely unnecessary and just rehash the plot of the first film. The Cobra Kai series thankfully redeemed the sequels and feels like the true sequel to the original film."


    21. DESERVES A SEQUEL – RocknRolla

    Warner Bros.

    "I want RocknRolla 2. It was promised in the end credits and we still don't have it. Give us the second film, Ritchie!"


    22. SHOULDN'T EXIST – Grease 2

    Paramount Pictures

    "I would LOVE for someone to get rid of Grease 2. It was, and never will be better than Grease."


    23. DESERVES A SEQUEL – Burlesque

    Screen Gems/Sony Pictures Releasing

    "Let me throw a curveball in here: I loved Burlesque, and I would love it if it got a sequel where Allie took over the club and was the mentor to a new girl trying to make it."


    Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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