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12 Super-Awkward Moments From The 2021 VMAs

Conor McGregor vs. Machine Gun Kelly??????

The year's VMAs were definitely one for the books — but not without a few awkward moments. Here are some of the best:

1. Host Jamila Mustafa made this comment about Lil Nas X's look during his pre-show interview:

Watch how this interviewer responds after Lil Nas X asked her if he looked good during an interview at the #VMAs red carpet.

Twitter: @BuzzingPop

2. Jack Harlow and Tinashe had a very awkward pre-show interview:


Twitter: @90sharlow

3. Kid Laroi missed part of his first line when opening the show.

Now THAT is how you open the 2021 #VMAs 👏 What was your favorite part of @JustinBieber's opening performance with @TheKidLAROI?!

Twitter: @vmas

4. Justin Bieber's voice cracked during his performance:

Justin on stage with the caption "I miss you [crack] more than life"

5. Some people pointed out that Olivia Rodrigo was out of breath during the last half of her performance:

.@Olivia_Rodrigo just left her mark on the #VMAs stage with that incredible performance of "good 4 u"

Twitter: @vmas

At least she sang live too!

6. Justin thanked a long list of family members but not his wife, Hailey Bieber, during his acceptance speech for Best Pop Song.

7. Billie Eilish didn't seem too enthused to see Jennifer Lopez 👀👀:

Billie Eilish doesn’t know her either #VMAs #jlo

Twitter: @TrannaWintour

8. People called out Doja Cat's unconvincing lip-synching:

Doja Cat singing while suspended in the air

9. Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly got into an altercation:

Why is Conor trying to fight Machine Gun Kelly at the VMA awards. 😂😂😂😂

Twitter: @jasoneg33

10. Writer George M. Johnson pointed out this weird aspect of the show:

Wait. So…instead of the VMAs just giving Busta the Video Vanguard, they created a new award for the Foo Fighters, gave no Vanguard award and still had Busta perform?

Twitter: @IamGMJohnson

11. Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox didn't even kiss when he won — they just briefly touched tongues:

12. Doja forgot her mic when announcing Best New Artist:

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