Surprise! Jake Gyllenhaal And Conor McGregor Are Our Latest Puppy Interviewees, And It's Adorable

    I hope they go to Ireland together and do all the things they told us they want to do.

    These two are Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor. They're in Road House together.

    Two men smiling, one seated in a turtleneck and slacks, the other standing in a jacket and jeans

    In honor of its release, we had Jake and Conor come over to play with puppies while answering our big questions about the film (and probably yours, too).

    They told us all about their experience filming together, including their fitness routines and the huge fight scene previewed in the trailer.

    Jake and Conor playing with puppies

    They also shared the dumbest ways they've been injured.

    Closeup of Jake Gyllenhaal playing with puppies

    Plus, their unorthodox family traditions, their favorite cartoons, and their favorite tattoos.

    Jake and Conor playing with puppies

    Watch it all in the video now!

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    Be sure to stream Road House on Prime Video starting on March 21, and if you're interested in adopting one of these sweet pups, check out North Shore Animal League America for more info!