13 Times Celebs Shared Screenshots Of Juicy/Drama-FIlled DMs From Other Celebs


    Note: Obviously, there is no way to 100% verify the authenticity of these screenshots. But they are fun to read!

    1. Iggy Azalea shared a buuuunch of DMs from a shitload of celebs in a viral TikTok. Fans were even able to figure out who sent some of them:

    WE GOT ONE SO FAR! Credits to @alenisadisaster I’ll add to the thread once we found more!

    2. T-Pain shared a bunch of celeb DMs that were, unbeknownst to him, in his "Message Request" folder. It showed he's ignored a bunch of celebs like Viola Davis and Diplo:

    3. Model Jay Alvarez shared a screenshot of when James Charles slid into his DMs, captioning it, "People give this kid too much props. He got no game."

    4. And so did popular Instagrammer Stephen Harrison. Stephen — who posts screenshots of people who hit on him all the time — said, "Not a lot of people know that I troll 99% of the time. Except for this instance. James, you are not getting this married man," he added. "Don't ever feel you should accept a compliment."

    5. Speaking of, James Charles posted a threatening text he received from Jeffree Star during the whole Tati scandal:

    6. Michael Costello posted alleged screenshots of Chrissy Teigen bullying him. Chrissy reportedly believed that Michael was a racist after seeing photoshopped images:

    7. ...and then Chrissy Teigen posted what she said are the real screenshots, which show she did not bully him:

    8. Lizzo posted her drunk DMs to Chris Evans:

    9. ...and then another update for when he answered:

    10. Cardi B confronted Jessie Woo over Instagram DMs for saying she wanted to attack Nicki Minaj:

    11. James Charles posted Shawn Mendes' response to his pitch, where Shawn came across like he wasn't really into it:

    12. TikToker Larray posted a screenshot of Jeffree Star asking for his lawyer's information after he talked about him:

    13. And lastly, Jessie J shared a screenshot of Channing Tatum sliding into her DMs with a rap about wanting to caress her face: