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    People Are Sharing Times They Had Rude Interactions With Celebs And It's Disappointing


    So I recently wrote a post about people on TikTok sharing a times celebrities were rude to them. People in the comments of the post then shared new examples of their own experiences with rude celebs, and WOW.

    Although their accounts are unverified, these stories are entertaining to read. Here's what they said:

    1. Steve Jobs:

    "I met Steve Jobs at MacWorld in 2003. So rude that I have not forgotten to this day. Shortly after, I met Robin Williams, and he was so nice — even posed for a picture."


    2. Kellie Pickler:

    "Let me set the scene: I'm 9 years old. My favorite hockey player has a radio show that I literally never miss a recording of. One night, a family friend (also in the NHL) is a guest. At the time, he was dating Kellie Pickler. After the show, I run up to talk to him in the parking lot. Keep in mind, i was NINE YEARS OLD. He's super friendly, making small talk, etc. She, on the other hand, gives me this absolute death glare, grabs him by the arm, and goes, 'Jordin. Let's GO!' and pulls him away from me. Literally all you had to do was tell me you needed to get going. To this day, I can't stand her or her music."


    3. Kylie Jenner:

    "I was at a cafe in LA, and Kylie Jenner walked in. I was a huge fan (at the time) and since she was the only one in the cafe, I decided to go in and introduce myself and ask for a picture. She blankly stared at me while Jordyn and her assistant Victoria had their heads down, trying not to laugh. Kylie said, 'I don’t do pictures while I’m eating.' There was no food in front of them."


    4. Ginnifer Goodwin:

    "I met Ginnifer Goodwin at Disneyland. She refused a picture with me, but I feel it was because of what I asked her. I said, 'Hey, we’re both short girls. How do they make you look so skinny on TV?' I just had a baby too, so we weren’t looking differently body-wise, but on TV she was as a size 2. She looked and me and said no."


    5. Winona Ryder and David Pyrne:

    "I met Winona Ryder and David Pyrne (Soul Asylum) in the '90s in uptown Minneapolis at a coffee shop. My friend commented on Soul Asylum's latest album on how much he like every song, except one. Turned out, it was the one that Pyrne wrote himself and he said, 'I wrote that — why is it so bad?' My friend said it doesn't fit the rest of the album. Winona looked at us told us we were rude and to fuck off. Then, they walked out."


    6. Andrew Zimmern:

    "My husband and I went to a meet-and-greet with Andrew Zimmern. Ya know how he’s super nice and sweet on TV and says he loves meeting his fans? Yeah, not so much. We met him at a Twins game, paid almost $400 for us both, and was supposed to get a photo and signed copy of one of his books. So when we went up to him to have our book signed/pic taken, he sighed and rolled his eyes, saying, 'Oh my GOD, please let this be the last one!'"


    7. Jamie Foxx:

    "Jamie Foxx and his huge entourage cut my sister in the pretzel line at Disneyland and proceeded to order like a dozen pretzels. The cast member hosting him semi-apologized, but more like, 'Oh he’s VIP, so you can wait.'" 


    8. Padma Lakshmi:

    "Padma Lakshmi is the rudest celebrity. I was working as an assistant at a salon she frequented in NYC about 10 years ago. I went to go grab her from the waiting area, and I have never had someone look at me with such disgust. I took her back to the station and offered her a drink and she was so incredibly rude and just rolled her eyes at me and wouldn’t respond."


    9. Justin Timberlake:

    "I asked Justin Timberlake for an autograph in an elevator. He didn't even answer me. Then, his bodyguard said no, and they got off the elevator."


    10. Barry Bonds and Kenny Rogers:

    "Barry Bonds is a huge dick too. Not that that's surprising. Kenny Rogers was a weird one — super nice, but made it seem like he was making my life by talking to me."


    11. Gwen Stefani:

    "Had a bad experience with Gwen Stefani in 2000 at a meet-and-greet. She was just clearly super annoyed about having to meet fans at all. I just asked for her to sign a photo, no photo or small talk. That's it."


    12. Rob Schneider:

    "He was doing a comedy set at a local club. They even announced after his set, he'd do a meet-and-greet. So my husband and I went for it. He was completely unenthusiastic during the whole meeting. Like we were twisting his arm. Such a tool."


    13. Alec Baldwin:

    "One day in the Hamptons I ran into Alec Baldwin and his wife and their two dogs. I was 6, so I wanted to pet their dogs. Mind you, they left their dogs outside of the store, so I didn’t know it was theirs. They quickly yanked their dogs away from me and yelled at me. I was fucking 6."


    Now, let's switch it up. Have you ever met a celebrity that you thought was going to be rude, but turned out super nice? Tell me about it in the comments below!