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15 People Who Dressed Up As Celebs For Halloween And 100% Nailed It

These are so, so good.

One of my favorite categories of Halloween costumes is people who dress up as celebs. And this year, the people did not disappoint!

Here are some of the best:

1. Andy Cohen:

Twitter: @RealHouseMark

2. Chris Pine:

waiting for harry styles to spit on me

Twitter: @gabebergado

3. Beyoncé:

Best costume I’ve seen all night 😭 (sashin_naidu on IG)

Twitter: @nicksawaboy / Kevin Mazur / WireImage

4. Princess Diana:

Twitter: @drewlgoins / Jayne Fincher / Getty Images / Tony Harris - PA Images / Getty Images

6. Taylor Swift:

the chances of Taylor Swift seeing my I Bet You Think About Me inspired Halloween costumes are low… but never zero

Republic Records

7. Lady Gaga:

Twitter: @whoisaddison

8. Julia Fox:

Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images / Getty

9. Carrie Underwood:

We go together like #DenimAndRhinestones. Ready to play kickball in this lil getup for charity. @carrieunderwood

Twitter: @TweetsByLuke

10. Ryan Gosling:

Twitter: @davidmackau  / Alamy Stock Photo / Via Warner Bros.

11. Kim Kardashian:

12. Steve Harvey:

The trend of high school girls dressing as Steve Harvey and doing that "SIT ON IT" clip is SENDING MEEE

13. Azealia Banks:

Twitter: @Phour_Loko

14. Dua Lipa: