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    25 Times People's Tattoos Made You Fear For The Future Of Humanity In 2014

    Remember kids: A tattoo isn't just for Kavos, it's for life.

    1. When a woman got a curry house's logo tattooed on her hip so her dad could eat for free for a year.

    Mark Sutherland / HEMEDIA / SWNS

    2. When a footballer decided to imortalise his agonising World Cup miss by getting it tattooed on his back.

    3. And then got “Blessed” and “For Life” tattooed on his face.

    4. When this teenager got the Nando's logo tattooed on his bum believing it would get him free chicken for life and Nando's said no.

    News Dog Media

    5. When this teen got a McDonald's receipt tattooed on his arm for no reason other than that his mates told him to do it.

    6. And when he then went and got a tattoo of the receipt for his original tattoo.

    7. When a college student got the droid from the new Star Wars film tattooed on his leg straight after the trailer dropped.

    8. When Drake apparently got an emoji tattoo and the internet erupted in LOLs.

    9. When we discovered this guy had broken the world record for the most tattoos of the same cartoon character.

    Mercury Press / Caters News

    He did it because his dad didn't let him watch The Simpsons as a kid.

    10. When it was decided temporary recipe tattoos were a good idea.

    I Tradizionali

    11. When Juventus striker Carlos Tevez covered his entire back in this:

    Gracias amigo por tu magnífico arte!!! Sos el mas grande. Lejos!!! Piotrek Taton

    Carlitos Tevez@carlitos3210Follow

    Gracias amigo por tu magnífico arte!!! Sos el mas grande. Lejos!!! Piotrek Taton

    11:30 AM - 08 Dec 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    12. When Dragons' Den star Duncan Bannatyne got his first tattoo at the age of 65 (the letters represent the initials of his six children).

    13. When a Scottish teenager got an internet meme tattooed on an intimate area of her body.

    14. A lot of mistakes were made in Kavos in 2014.

    What happens in Kavos #schoolboyerror

    15. When this guy wouldn't stop getting tattoos of Miley Cyrus.

    @MileyCyrus 30 Miley Cyrus Tattoos 30th @MileyCyrus tattoo coming soon 😎

    Miley Cyrus Tattoos@MileyCyrusCarlFollow


    30 Miley Cyrus Tattoos 30th @MileyCyrus tattoo coming soon

    9:17 PM - 08 Oct 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    16. When Germany's Kevin Grosskreutz got the World Cup trophy tattooed on his back despite not playing a single minute of the competition.

    17. All of Raul Meireles' tattoos.

    One more tattoo before going to the World Cup. #Brasil2014

    Raul Meireles@OficialMeirelesFollow

    One more tattoo before going to the World Cup. #Brasil2014

    2:25 PM - 01 Jun 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    18. Let's just take a moment to admire them.

    JEWEL SAMAD/AFP / Getty Images


    JEWEL SAMAD/AFP / Getty Images


    AP Photo/Paulo Duarte

    21. When a student got an equation tattooed on his arse after failing an exam.

    The TAB /

    22. This.

    23. Harry Styles' "Brasil!" tattoo on his groin.

    Although it appears to be temporary.

    24. When this male model decided he needed to tattoo his face with words such as "fame", "guilty", and "lick".

    The model's name is Vin Los and he says he wants to be “the most famous man in the world".

    25. And finally, when teeth tattoos became a thing and all hope really was lost forever.

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