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Couples Are Sharing Their Unconventional Relationship Hacks And TBH, They're Pretty Damn Interesting

"my husband and I shower together everyday"

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their unconventional hacks that help keep their relationship happy! Here are some of their eye-opening tips:

1. Talking about your silly crushes together.

2. Investing in separate bedding so there's no fighting over blankets during the night.

3. ...or one better, separate beds or bedrooms.

4. Keeping finances separate from one another.

5. Allowing one another "free passes" so you can get out of social occasions one of you does not want to attend.

6. Putting a spare bedroom to good use.

7. Not watching TV separately.

8. Not giving gifts.

9. Showering together.

10. Spending time alone and having a separate vacation.

11. Having your own friendship groups that don't really mix.

12. Keeping separate schedules.

13. Playing video games together.

14. Having certain topics that you don't discuss.

15. Creating a device that breaks tension in arguments.

16. Or having a phrase you use to signal honest communication.

17. Getting two remotes.

18. Not living with one another.

19. Planning your sex life.

20. Not meeting the parents.

21. Having a day to yourself at home, especially if you have kids.

22. And if none of these tips tickles your fancy, maybe this cute story will give you inspiration!

Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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