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    38 Gifts To Give Your Tough-To-Shop-For Significant Other

    Tough to shop for, easy to love ❤️

    1. A copy of The Old Farmer's Almanac 2020 that's chock-full of facts so they can have the satisfaction of being right at least every once in a while.

    2. A portable massage cushion that'll ease the tension in their neck and shoulders after a long day, because all humans adore the gift of relaxation.

    3. A Porter Bowl so they can eat their desk lunch with dignity out of a chic, functional vessel they'll want to show off.

    4. A Capri Blue Volcano candle that is *RED ALERT* the candle they burn in Anthropologie, the greatest-smelling place in the universe! I honestly can't imagine somebody NOT enjoying this flawless scent.

    5. A Book of the Month subscription so they always have a book they're looking forward to reading next. Each month, they'll get to choose from five best-sellers in different genres — a fun activity in and of itself and great for a picky reader who's hard to buy for.

    6. An 11-in-1 stainless steel pocket tool for the practical sort who just likes to be prepared.

    7. A cold brew maker to save them big bucks on bean juice in the new year — all those early morning coffee runs are starting to add up! And having their favorite bevy in the comfort of their home? Heaven.

    8. An essential-oil diffuser so they can surround themselves with scents that bring them to their happy place.

    9. This journal that asks for just one line a day for five years, so they create a fun little time capsule without the effort of hardcore journaling.

    10. Or this Q&A a Day journal you can fill out ~together~, which asks questions like "Where would you like to travel with your partner?" or the delightfully sappy (or potentially offensive, if you have some OPINIONS) "What does your partner's laugh sound like?"

    11. An Instax camera with a charming dose of retro flair, so they can channel their creativity anywhere and maybe snap some cute shots of you while they're at it.

    12. A fill-in-the-blank book to woo your S.O. with sweet, sweet compliments. Oh, nice things about me? You shouldn't have!

    A small book titled "What I Love About You by Me" with "You fill in the blanks" in the corner.

    13. A Hydroflask travel coffee mug, because their pickiness about beverage temperature is one of the things you love most about them.

    14. A cheese board for the significant other who loves to entertain. No more serving their beloved triple-crème on an old, chipped plate.

    15. A wine and can holder so they can enjoy their favorite adult beverage from the comfort of their own tub.

    16. A Waterpik water flosser for getting their teeth so clean they make a *ding* sound when they smile like in a cartoon. The grown-up gift they never thought they'd be excited for, but hey — this is 30.

    17. A chill getaway to their favorite city or weekend destination — you'll do the booking and they can tell you what they want to do when you get there.

    18. A Squatty Potty, because the ultimate sign of true love is knowing each others' poop schedules. And trust me, once they try a Squatty Potty, they'll never look back.

    19. An Amazon Prime membership, so they can order whatever the heck they want and have it delivered the very next day.

    20. A set of nesting stoneware bowls with spouts that are so lovely I dare anyone not to fall in love with them at first sight. Simple but functional, well-designed but not snooty, *sigh* they're just the best.

    21. An Aerogarden for the home chef whose ultimate dream is to grow their own herbs year-round but who maybe doesn't have the greenest thumb. No shade, but the dry, brown basil on the windowsill speaks for itself.

    22. Gorgeous glasses etched with city grid of your choice, because they've gotta drink out of something, so why not make it something pretty and sentimental.

    23. A subscription to PETure Perfect, which will send them a monthly goodie personalized with their pet's image on it, because who couldn't love that adorable, squishy, perfect angel face.

    24. A Rent the Runway gift card for the person with cultivated sartorial tastes who hates being tied down to the same ol' things in their closet day after day.

    25. A mug warmer that regulates the temperature of coffee or tea they can nurse their drink for hours without sipping an ice-cold beverage. A feat of technology.

    26. A stovetop espresso maker for making rich, smooth espresso in under five minutes *and* feeling like the classiest kid on the block.

    27. A stunning bouquet of multicolored long-stem roses, because who in the world wouldn't love to feel adored with a traditional arrangement.

    28. A pair of leather sneakers for stomping, kicking, moonwalking, and whatever else their feet do with the utmost sense of style.

    29. An essential-oil stick that makes for a thoughtful add-on gift for the frequent headache-sufferer in your life.

    30. A Simple Elephant planner to help make life a little more manageable for the partner with things to do and goals to achieve.

    31. A press-and-go tumbler for your love whose adoration of iced tea rivals only their adoration of you.

    32. A Nintendo Switch Lite so they can game on the go. They still talk about their Gameboy from 1999 with such fondness...I think it's time to bring the magic back.

    33. A grocery tote from BuzzFeed's Eating Your Feed so they always have a designated bag on hand to carry home their produce. Bonus: if and when they're using it to carry something *other* than groceries it's fun and ironic.

    34. Some ~cheesy~ socks, because you can never, EVER have too many socks, especially when they come packaged in a pizza box.

    35. A cashmere knit cap so their ratty old hat can retire with grace and be replaced with one that's a little more fashionable and about one million times softer.

    36. A bidet attachment for their toilet, because regardless of their tastes, everyone can get behind having a sparkling-clean booty.

    37. An external battery, because despite being the smartest, best person you know, their phone is ALWAYS about to die. Let's remedy that.

    38. A Warby Parker gift card so they can get a new pair of specs. I've gotten one a few years in a row, and very much appreciate being able to pick out new frames to match my look for the year — I think they will, too!

    Good luck gifting! Hope you don't get a dreaded medium reaction!!!!

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