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60 DIY Projects To Tidy Up Your Life And Spruce Up Your Space

Once you put pins on your cake, you'll never go back.

We've rounded up the best (and easiest!) DIY projects to make your life tidier, cuter, and more fun. Keep scrolling to see how you can transform your style in minutes.

1. Put down your soda bottle and start cutting: These cat plant pots are irresistible.

cat planters

2. Upcycle your juice bottles to create a glorious hanging herb garden.

bottles hanging with plants growing in them

3. Update all the tees in your wardrobe with summer cut-outs.

cutout T-shirt instructions

4. Build your own no-drill window planter box.

window planter

5. Use straws and string to make these diamond-shaped decorations.

diamond-shaped decorations

6. Craft this adorable reed diffuser in minutes.

reed diffuser with pastel colors

7. Make (and eat) these decorated fruit macarons.

fruit macarons

8. Give your tiny plant friends the pineapple planter they deserve.

pineapple planter

9. Disco while you deck the halls this holiday season with a fun and funky wreath.

wreath with mini disco balls

10. Hang your favorite prints on beaded hangers.

beaded hangers with floral prints on the wall

11. Add some flower power to your decor with some tissue paper pom poms.

colorful pom poms made of tissue paper

12. Plan your schedule anywhere with a floating minimalist wall calendar.

wall calendar

13. Create the cutest, most colorful gift: marbled mugs.

marbled mugs in different colors

14. Craft these festive fairy lanterns.

Tinkerbell fairy lantern

15. Make cleaning easier by attaching a scrubber to your drill.

scrubber attached to drill

16. Hide your router in a book.

before and after of router being hidden in a book

17. Personalize these rope bracelets into any style.

rope bracelet

18. Create the crown jewel of every party: tiny crown hats.

small crown hats and a little girl wearing one

19. Use these pom pom napkin rings for the most delightful dinner party ever.

pom-poms on napkins

20. These animal ear cake toppers will make any cake almost too cute to eat.

animal ears on a cake

21. Create this hanging wall decor that has been taunting you forever.

wall hanging with black tassels

22. This wrapping paper storage trick will ease your holiday season.

before and after of wrapping paper organized

23. Make this flat iron holder because you like living on the edge.

flat iron holder covering flat iron

24. Learn to make this fancy brunch decor that your guests won’t be able to stop dreaming about.

pineapple theme for a table

25. Craft this thumbtack monogram to add to the monogrammed everything you own.

F monogram made with thumbtacks

26. Make this wine cork boot tray in anticipation of your next rainy day.

boot tray made with wine corks

27. Piece together these freakin' adorable balloons for the next kid's birthday party.

animal balloons

28. Transform a mail tube into a giant pencil piggybank.

human-size pencil piggybank

29. String together a necklace using delicious-looking donut beads.

donut beads on yarn

30. Crochet a family of jellies to hang in an ocean-themed nursery.

crocheted jellyfish

31. Cover boring plates with dreamy watercolor splotches.

watercolored plates

32. Paint a pair of gemstone containers that'll help you organize your desk.

gemstone containers

33. Upgrade white pillow cases with song lyrics.

pillowcases with sayings

34. Get out the glitter and make a shimmery ring for every finger.

shimmery glitter rings

35. Turn a ~pretty~ cool Ikea lamp into a *SUPER* cool concrete one.

lamp with concrete base

36. Hold up your vintage brass pineapple collection on a few fruity shelves.

shelves in the shape of watermelon slices

37. Inject some greenery into your decorating scheme in a novel way — mount it on your walls!

wall mounts holding plants

38. Make a fried egg pouch to store your brunch money in.

fried egg pouch

39. Make this minimalist prism necklace with bugle beads.

prism necklace

40. These animal pom-poms would make amazing fuzzy Christmas ornaments for the twee-est tree in all the land.

animal pom-poms

41. Make a layer cake to display your pin collection on.

layer cake decorated with pins

42. Make a Wes Anderson version of Guess Who to play with a movie lover in your life.

Wes Anderson film characters on cards

43. Transform socks into a cacti garden that'll never die.

fake cacti made of socks

44. Festoon your room with a paper paintbrush garland.

paintbrush garland

45. Give your bobby pins a home in a decorated pill bottle.

bobby pins in a decorated pill bottle

46. Tuck away your phone in this DIY printed pouch — it will never go missing again.

printed pouch for phone

47. Throw together this sunglasses case so you know exactly where to put your favorite pair.

sunglasses case

48. Keep track of your keys with some colored yarn.

yarn-covered keys

49. Personalize your charger with colored tape and a DIY cord clip.

cord clip

50. Bookend your collection with pink gilded rocks.

gilded rocks

51. Make a maxi skirt and dye it.

dyed maxi skirt

52. Cut card stock into strips and top with a yarn tassel to make a custom bookmark.

customized bookmark

53. Personalize your mug with cute little dots.

mug decorated with dots in the shape of a letter

54. Add a splash of color to your firepit.

colored firepit

55. Spruce up your keys with some nail polish.

keys painted with nail polish

56. Turn a few mason jars into a cottage-ready organizer.

mason jars holding bathroom items

57. Have a place to hang all those wet towels with this awesome PVC towel rack.

rack made with PVC pipes

58. Or, if PVC isn't your thing, make this funky door towel hanger.

door towel hanger

59. Bring the outdoors inside with these lovely birch candle holders.

birch candle holders

60. Reuse pallet wood to create the perfect cottage accent wall.

pallet wood on the wall

This article contains content from Peggy Wang, Emily Shwake, Mallory McInnis, Natalie Brown, Ashley McGetrick, Kirsten King, and Cyla Panin. It was compiled by Kelly Rissman.