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    • patyc

      So black people cant have shit but y’all have black history month. Hmmm interesting. Like native Americans, asians, latinos and middle eastern people haven’t suffered enough to earn their own month? Righhhhhhttttt….. the rest of us are unrepresented in politics, Hollywood and almost everywhere else that people focus their attention on. But people forget that the rest of us make up the majority of health care, science research, bringing food to your table every night and so much more. So forgive us if we wanted a post that claimed to show diversity to just do exactly that.

    • patyc

      I agree I swear it’s always white vs black. People in this country seem to forget that the rest of the world exists and that we are made up of more shades than just white and black. Asians, latinas,middle eastern, and other cultures that are not being represented are just beautiful and important as black and white people. We need to stop shaming and praising specific races and cultures because when we do so we dwindle those people down to just their skin tone and not for their character. I’m so sick of posts like this because they are not helping us come together they only divide us further.

    • patyc

      literally #17 says in the post description what brand of hair she uses! like really BuzzFeed??? you really rely on people’s laziness to not check facts on this cite it’s ridiculous and just plain sad when there are so many other natural hair beauties out there.  I love me a good lace wig/ extension transformation but I didn’t come to this post for this.  As dumb and whiney as it sounds, I’m sick and tired of having unrealistic hair expectations when it comes to curly hair. Yes some have beautiful ringlet curls. Some have beautiful tight curls. But a lot have frizziness and thickness and hot mess to deal with when it comes to curly hair we are the unrepresented hair type of the hair community.  Maybe this just isn’t the place to advocate for this. It’s just sad like where is my cute hair tutorials for crazy curly unruly hair that doesn’t involve using heat? The girls who are really doing the hard work aren’t getting recognized. My hair has transformed after years of self hair hate and heat damage, thanks to the wonderful YouTube community of curly hair gurus. I just wish they received the recognition they deserved. There’s so many I’ve watched so it’s hard to pin point then all but a quick YouTube search and there’s so many that have so many great tips for us girls who need motivation to go natural.

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