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If You're A Millennial Who Lived Through The Great Recession, Tell Us How You're Doing Now

The story of millennials is rooted in coping in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Tell us how you still feel its impact 10 years later.

A decade ago, the US economy came crashing down.

On Sept. 29, 2008, the stock market suffered a historic crash. Millions of people lost jobs, millions of people with mortgages lost their homes, and the government began bailing out failing institutions. The environment created by this economic loss would form the foundation for the millennial generation, who came of age in the aftermath of the Great Recession.

A decade has since passed. Millennials grew up — the oldest are approaching their forties — and overall, things have improved. Unemployment rates have fallen to a low 3.9% from a painfully high 10% in October 2009, the housing market has rebounded in many places, the stock market is on a tear, people are spending more. But the recovery has flaws: Many of the jobs created over the last decade don’t pay a livable wage, and economic inequality in the US has grown.

Many people continue to feel the lingering effects of the Great Recession. Some are still paying off staggering debt, some are living with ruined credit scores, others have been unable to obtain high-paying jobs. How were you impacted by the economic crisis, and how does it affect you today? We’d like to hear your story.

Please tell us, in as specific terms as you can, how the economic crash of 2008 directly affected you, and provide an example of how you still experience its effects today. Did your parents lose their jobs? Their home? Did you drop out of school to work? Or perhaps you were unable to find a job and decided to sign up for another degree? Has it had a long-term impact on your income? Did you move somewhere unexpected for an opportunity? Have you achieved the goals you had 10 years ago? Please include your current age in your response, just for context.

Your story could be featured in a BuzzFeed post or video.