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    19 Things You Know If Your Urinary Tract Gets Infected A Lot

    *Sees a girl drinking cranberry juice* I'm so sorry, I feel your pain.

    1. There is no greater sense of dread than when you experience that familiar little sting when peeing.


    2. You probably have your cranberry pills at the ready, though.

    3. And a ritual that involves chugging a small lake's worth of water.

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    4. But if that fails, your GP probably already has your prescription for antibiotics the moment you walk into their office.


    If they're nice, they'll give you a clean, empty, pee container at the end of your appointment, "for next time".

    5. You might have made the stupid decision to let the infection "pass on its own" in the past, then suffered the terrible consequences.

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    Please do not do this, it's stupid, painful, and dangerous.

    6. You've also downed entire cartons of cranberry juice, only to find out it's utterly useless against UTIs.

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    You need the real cranberry juice stuff, not the sweetened diluted stuff!

    7. You've peed in cups more often than the average person.

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    It's weird that it's not that weird to you anymore.

    8. You cringe at the very thought of douches or using anything but water ~down there~.

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    It's equal to a death (UTI) wish.

    9. Bath bombs are also the equivalent of playing with fire.

    10. And you cannot believe some people just never get UTIs.

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    They don't know how lucky they are.

    11. The moment after sex basically always involves a debate in your head about whether or not you should get out of bed to pee.

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    The answer is yes you should, no matter how tired you are.

    12. If you don't, you always regret it the next day.


    13. Other times, sex follows with you nonchalantly announcing you need to wee and jumping out of bed immediately.

    the most unrealistic part of sex and the city is how none of the characters pee after sex and miraculously don't get utis every episode

    That's something you never see in movies.

    14. You're low-key resentful towards your partner if you get a UTI after sex with them.


    15. In fact, you're low-key jealous of those without vaginas for being very unlikely to get UTIs.

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    Nor do they have to deal with periods, thrush, or childbirth. Why must vaginas be so complicated???

    16. The worst part of all, though, is having to haul yourself out of bed to pee after sex whilst your partner gets to gently dose off.

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    17. You always wonder if anyone has noticed that you've been to the toilet 20 times a day.

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    You debate whether just announcing that you have a UTI will make it less awkward.

    18. If you've had UTIs often enough, you feel like you start to experience a ~phantom sting~.

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    "Is that the beginnings of a UTI? Or did we just get a little too enthusiastic in bed last night?? Or worse, both???"

    19. And of course, you're no stranger to the ~UTI dance~.

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    A.K.A what happens when a burning pain and a constant desire to pee meet.

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