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The 18 Most Wonderful British TV News Fails Of 2014

You can prepare for everything. Except when someone assaults you with a sex toy live on air.

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1. When a weather front shaped like a penis emerged off the coast of Cornwall.

5. When Sky News' Ian King kept his cool when his Autocue failed.

6. When a BBC newsreader said Prince William had spoke of his passion for flying "despite having left the IRA".

He meant the RAF. Easy to confuse the two.


8. When Sky News politics editor Adam Boulton swallowed a fly live on air.

9. When a Sky Sports News reporter got a dildo in the ear on transfer deadline day.

10. When shadow chancellor Ed Balls was attacked by a spider live on air.

12. When BBC newsreader Martine Croxall missed the start of a broadcast.

13. And when the same thing happened to her again a few weeks later.

15. When this BBC Look North presenter mysteriously sank.

18. And when Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid asked actor Dan Stevens: "You must have had to beat off a lot of American men?"