"Welcome To Chippendales" Is Pretty Shocking, So You'll Be Surprised To Know That Most Of It Is True

    Despite this all sounding like it's made up, a lot of the show is true.

    Hulu just dropped the first two episode of Welcome to Chippendales, a miniseries about the sordid and bloody true story of the iconic male strip show.

    As is usually the case with these true crime adaptations, there's a lot of stuff that really happened and a few details that have been a little embellished. So, here's our best attempt to sort the fact from the fiction:

    🚨SPOILER WARNING🚨 for the first two episodes, btw.

    1. TRUE: Somen "Steve" Banerjee worked at a Mobil gas station and, as the show depicts, used his savings to buy and open a club.

    Kumail as Somen standing in front of a sliding glass doors covered with blinds

    2. FALSE: He tried several business ideas with Paul Snider (Dan Stevens on the show) before they settled on turning Destiny II into a male strip club.

    3. FALSE: Banerjee came up with the idea for a male strip club and had to talk Snider into it.

    Banerjee and Snider talking to a woman outside of a club in a scene from the miniseries

    4. TRUE: The name Chippendales is based on a type of 18th century furniture, and Banerjee chose it to imply a classy atmosphere.

    A Chippendales performing kissing a woman who's surrounded by other women in the club

    5. FALSE: There was conflict between Paul Snider and Nick de Noia (Murray Bartlett) over how the club was being run.

    Snider holding a microphone and smiling on the left and de Noia on the right

    6. TRUE: Dorothy Stratten (Nicola Peltz) was the person to suggest the iconic cuff and bowtie look inspired by Playboy.

    Dorothy wearing a flow-y outfit and a suede fedora as she sits in a restaurant in a scene from the miniseries

    7. FALSE: Dorothy Stratten and Paul Snider were married when he killed her.

    Dorothy and Paul walking together in the miniseries on the left and the real-life Dorothy and Paul smile as they cut a cake together on the right

    8. FALSE: Possibly everything the show says about Irene Banerjee.

    Somen and Irene talking over drinks

    9. TRUE: Nick de Noia was a two-time Emmy winner who choreographed the Chippendales show and was crucial to the brand's success.

    Nick leading a rehearsal

    10. FALSE: A lot of the details about the character Denise Coughlan, played by Juliette Lewis.

    Denise standing at a bar

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