All The Funniest Moments From Transfer Deadline Day

Why is this not a national holiday?

2. These people speak for an entire nation of soccerball enthusiasts.

5. Sky’s number-crunching guy, Dharmesh Sheth, was getting all excited about the £769 million that had been spent on transfers so far in this transfer window.


6. He could have been having some kind of meltdown on air. Who knows?

8. For most reporters it was a case of standing in the world’s most depressing car parks, surrounded by fans who looked a bit like they were there to steal someone’s car.

10. Especially this kid.

11. Although to be fair to this reporter, Jane, sorry, Jermaine Defoe is a hard name to say.

12. These kids in Southampton were full of the joys of Deadline Day.

13. The Hull City fans here WENT COMPLETELY CRAZY at the news of the club’s signing of Abel Hernandez.

14. Some couldn’t handle the excitement.

15. While this boy was the coolest character around.

19. Although nowhere quite reached the levels of excitement seen in Norwich last year.

26. The lid was sensationally lifted on how football journalism works.

39. In a break with hundreds of years of Deadline Day tradition, Harry Redknapp REFUSED to wind his window down to talk to reporters, creating this #accidentalpartridge moment.

The football earth truly has frozen over. And that reporter has had better days.

44. Or maybe this guy.

47. Oh, and this reporter stationed at QPR’s training ground ALL DAY managed to miss Redknapp drive past.

51. Yep.

52. Just to clarify, this did actually happen.

56. But when the dust has settled on this year’s Deadline Day, don’t pay too much attention to “expert” opinion. This was Stuart Pearce’s take on Arsenal’s “waste of money” signing of Dennis Bergkamp, via @AntiqueFootball.

Bergkamp went on to score 87 goals in 315 appearances for the Gunners and won several trophies.

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