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Non-Spanish Speakers Watch "Sábado Gigante" For The First Time

"I think that was a Viagra commercial?"

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I asked some of my non-Spanish speaking BuzzFeed colleagues to give their reactions.

1. "The Chacal" appeared to be a Hunger Games meets American Idol with a ninja.

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"That was literally American Idol meets Hunger Games."

"I'm guessing this is a game show — like 'So you think you can sing?' — from the '80s. And the people on the couch are like The Voice judges, and when their ears hurt they send a lion to "kill" the competition off. How right am I?"

"Why is there a ninja? Really all I want to know. Is this like The Price Is Right ?!??!? Wait so is this The Price Is Right fused with American Idol? What the hell is happening please just tell me. Now there's a lion. I think this guy is trying to remember lyrics to a song and if he doesn't they're gonna throw him to the lion and the ninja will help."


What is actually happening: El Chacal is one of Sábado Gigante's most iconic segments in which six contestants each have the opportunity to sing for a cash prize. Don Francisco often wears silly hats and costumes to throw off the contestant. If the contestant isn't deemed worthy (like in this specific case) then El Chacal, the ghost-looking ninja man, will blow his trumpet and the contestant is then fed to the large plush lion and taken to his cave. Perfectly normal.

2. Everyone thought "La Cuatro" was a Spanish version of Maury.

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"If I had to guess, this would be a parody of a Maury-like show. Breaking into song seems to be developing into an overarching theme."

"I think this is a parody of an episode of Maury I once saw. This woman wants a baby, but her S.O. is basically like, 'Thanks, but hard pass here,' so she brings the stroller in for dramatic effect, and he is PISSED."

"To be honest, I'm just so relieved there isn't a real baby in this baby stroller. I hate babies. It kinda seems like she's giving a monologue about how she wants to be a mom but isn't ready to give up her independence yet. And then starts singing, because she's watched way too many episodes of Glee."


What is actually happening: "La Cuatro" is a running segment in which an actress comes out pretending she is deeply infatuated with Don Francisco. In the clip shown, "La Cuatro" comes out with a stroller that she says was gifted to her anonymously from an audience member. She then implies that Don Francisco is the father, and begins to get the audience involved by singing Franco De Vita's "No Basta."

3. Everyone agrees that Joselyn should either run for president or guest host The View.

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"I have no idea what she said, but Joselyn had SASS. She'd be perfect for The View."

"Oh wow, OK, I have no idea what's happening here, but JOSELYN for president!!! None of us are worthy!"

"Oh my god, children participate in this show, too?!?! Is this like a kids' version of a game show where they take over for a week and ruin everyone's TV time? It kinda seems like they're challenging the old dude to trivia and clearly winning. I'm into that part at least."

What is actually happening: This segment consists of a roundtable-like discussion with children about various topics. In the clip show to the participants, Joselyn is quite passionate in saying that there is no point in giving up your future, your career, and the people you love for a man. If you do, she warns, the only person you'll lose is yourself. PREACH!


4. Viagra and threesomes go hand-in-hand for everyone in "El Hospital de la Risa."

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"This is a Saturday Night Live kind of show, is my guess. In this particular sketch, there's a threesome going on with a nurse, doctor, and a patient, which has then HEALED the patient of his ailment. Threesomes are magical that way."

"I think that was a Viagra commercial?"

"Did this show magically transform into a soap opera? Hospital waiting rooms are terrible. Those are REALLY nice hospital rooms. I feel like this is a skit on SNL but I'm not part of the joke. And also maybe someone is giving birth. Which I'm not into."

What is actually happening: In this clip, the nurse is interested in the sexual noises he hears coming from the other room, so he goes to investigate. The doctor then comes out telling the woman in the dress that he's shown her multiple ways in which she can get pregnant. He then hears similar noises and goes to investigate. Although it looks like they were having a threesome, they were all just trying to help the old man open his pill bottle with no success.

5. Everyone wants a piece of that cash and are currently looking for applications to be on the show.

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"This is another '80s game show, but in this one: They play a video game and try not to simultaneously die. This guy killed the game, so to speak. Plus his tucked-in shirt is ON. POINT."

"OK, we're back to The Price Is Right except it's being filmed in a literal arcade. Life is so weird. This game seems really hard. I wonder what he gets if he wins. OH, OMG HE GOT MONEY. Sign me up."

"I understood what was going on, but I still have no fucking clue what the point of the show is. HOW CAN I BE ON THIS?"


What is actually happening: Price Is Right-like games with a twist are common on this show. In this clip, the dude has one minute to uncover four photos of celebrities and figure out who they are, all while on a treadmill. He ends up winning and gets to go home with a pocket full of cash!

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"I literally have no idea what the show is about, but that's fine because I don't think the host even knows."

"If I had to guess, I would say this is a big variety show incorporating SNL-like sketches, silly Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon-style games, and reality-television-like talent shows."

"I have no idea what this show is about. I would say it's a blend of The Price Is Right with Days Of Our Lives and American Idol. I keep watching but still have no idea of what is happening or what will happen next. THERE'S NO PATTERN OR RHYME OR REASON. IT'S LIKE LOST all over again. WHY WAS THERE A POLAR BEAR? I can't."