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    19 "She-Hulk" Details From Episode 1 That Are Small And Funny, But You Might've Missed Them The First Time

    Jennifer Walter being obsessed with Captain America's sex life in the first episode of She-Hulk is hilarious. But what's even better is that Chris Evans has already commented on the scene where it's discussed.

    🚨 Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 1 on Disney+! 🚨

    Hi, hello, and welcome back to these chaotic Marvel posts where I try to break down every detail or cool Easter egg. So, here are all the details I noticed in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 1:

    If you're new to these posts, welcome, and I apologize for all of my nerdy yelling! If you're returning after WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter SoldierLoki Season 1, What If...? Season 1, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, AND Ms. Marvel, well then, thanks so much for coming back!

    1. First, when Jen is practicing her closing argument in her office, you can spot some fun items behind her. You can see her diplomas from the University of California and her bookshelf, including a UCLA mug, a bobblehead of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a book about badass women, a mug that says "See you later, litigator," which is hilarious, and more.

    2. Nikki mentions that Jen has a "savage" look that she could use in the courtroom. This is a nod to the first Marvel She-Hulk comic from 1980, which was actually titled The Savage She-Hulk Issue #1.

    3. Right from the start, She-Hulk establishes that it's going to have Jen break the fourth wall, which is absolutely amazing. In the comics, Jennifer Walters also breaks the fourth wall to talk directly to the audience, so I'm obsessed that this detail made it to the show.

    4. While driving with Jen, Bruce reveals how he created a device that keeps him out of his Hulk form. This finally answers the question why Bruce did not look like Smart Hulk during the Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings mid-credits scene. You can even spot the device in Shang-Chi too.

    Bruce in the car with Jen and the Bruce hologram next to Captain Marvel's hologram in Shang-Chi

    5. As Bruce points out afterward, the spaceship that runs Jen and Bruce off the road is Sakaaran. Of course, Sakaar is where Bruce/Hulk spent a majority of his time after fleeing Earth, and it was first seen in Thor: Ragnarok.

    6. Jen gains her Hulk powers after her wound from the car crash is contaminated with Bruce's blood. In the She-Hulk comics, Jen gains her Hulk powers after she is in need of a blood transfusion after an accident, and Bruce is the only available donor.

    The camera zooms in on a wound, then Bruce tells Jen to get away from him, but Jen looks down at her arms and her veins looks green

    7. When Jen enters the bar after transforming into She-Hulk for the first time, you can spot a QR code on the wall next to her. This QR code takes you to a free digital copy of The Savage She-Hulk Issue #1 from 1980.

    8. After Jen wakes up at Bruce's place, she puts on a Led Zeppelin T-shirt. Now, since we later find out that this hideout was once Tony Stark's house, I'd like to assume this is one of his shirts that he left behind. In fact, Bruce wore one of Tony's band shirts in Thor: Ragnarok.

    9. While looking around the house, Jen spots a broken Iron Man helmet. This particular helmet looks like one of the helmets from the Iron Legion from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

    10. Bruce mentions to Jen that he's "Smart Hulk" again, which is the first time the MCU has used that nickname for this version of The Hulk. The moment is likely a playful nod to how fans nicknamed this version "Smart Hulk" after Avengers: Endgame, and it stuck.

    Jen saying Bruce is Hulk again, and he responds "Smart Hulk, I didn't come up with it, you never have a choice with these names"

    11. Bruce tells Jen that they are in a lab in Mexico, which is where he spent most of The Blip. The Gamma Lab was first mentioned by Bruce in Avengers: Endgame, when Natasha, Steve, and Scott meet with him.

    Bruce explaining he spent The Blip in this lab, integrating the Hulk and Banner identities, so now he has both brains and brawn

    12. Bruce mentions how he and Jen share a "rare combination of genetic factors" that allowed them to synthesize gamma radiation into the Hulk gene. Now, I can't hear "rare gene" in a Marvel show without theorizing that...could Bruce and Jen be a version of mutants in the MCU? It's kind of similar to what we learned in Ms. Marvel about Kamala Khan, so...

    13. I know this isn't really a hidden detail since Jen says the exact movie it's from. But when Bruce is trying to figure out her threshold for stress, Jen mentions Bing Bong's tragic death from Inside Out.

    14. When Jen asks Bruce how he would transform back into Bruce from the Hulk, he mentions the two ways we see in Avengers: Age of Ultron, with Tony beating him up vs. Natasha singing to him. Bruce even jokes that Natasha's lullaby was...odd, which is something fans have called out too.

    15. When Bruce and Jen argue after she announces she wants to go home, they both use the thunder clap on each other. This is the first time we've seen Hulk use this move since The Incredible Hulk in 2008.

    16. Jameela Jamil makes her grand entrance into the MCU as Titania, who is a villain taken directly from the She-Hulk comics. In the comics, Titania is She-Hulk's greatest adversary, and she also fights Spider-Man.

    Titania says "Who the hell are you?" to which Jen replies "Jennifer Walters, attorney at law"

    17. During the closing credits, you can spot a drawing of Jen surrounded by case files, one of which has the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on it.

    18. In the mid-credits scene, Bruce hilariously reveals to Jen that Steve Rogers is not a virgin and that he lost his virginity on the USO tour in 1943. Now, not only is this one of the funniest post-credits scenes the MCU has given us...

    Jen, with her arms outstretched, saying "Captain America fu--"

    ...but if you go back and watch Captain America: The First Avenger, I have to assume Steve slept with this girl while on his USO tour.

    A blonde woman at a party walks up to Steve and says "Hi"

    19. Also, in the She-Hulk closing credits, you can see Jen creating a diagram for Steve's sex life, which includes a drawing of Peggy and a blonde USO woman.

    And, don't worry, Chris Evans has already commented on this development:

    @ChrisEvans / Via Twitter: @ChrisEvans

    Did you catch any other Easter eggs or cool details? Have a better theory for one mentioned above? Tell me everything in the comments below!