"Loki" Has Some Mind-Blowing Details In The Season 1 Finale, And Here Are 33 That I Spotted

    Well, Loki officially broke me.

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Episode 6 of Loki on Disney+!🚨

    Hi, hello, I hope you recovered from Loki Episode 5 and are ready to dive into the next episode. So, here are all the details I noticed in Episode 6, aka the Season 1 finale:

    If you're new to these posts, welcome, and I apologize for all of my nerdy yelling! If you're returning after WandaVision AND The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, thanks so much for coming back!

    1. Okay, so this episode opens with an ABSOLUTE attack, aka it starts with Peggy and Steve's song, "It's Been a Long, Long Time," which we've heard throughout the MCU.

    Peggy and Steve dancing to "It's Been a Long, Long Time"

    2. During the Marvel Studios opening, we hear some iconic lines from other MCU movies and TV shows. Like, Sam's excitement over Scott, Hope talking about punching, T'Challa yelling "Wakanda forever," and Natasha's iconic "put you on hold" line.

    3. And we hear Peter's dance-off line, Thor yelling about his work friend, 2012 and 2023 Steve talking, and Captain Marvel's catchphrase.

    4. Also we hear Loki's "we have a Hulk" line, Korg talking about jumping on a spaceship, Classic Loki shouting "Glorious purpose," Vision telling Wanda about grief, and Sylvie asking Loki to open his eyes.

    5. Among the MCU lines, we can hear some famous quotes from real people too, like philosopher Alan Watts, Neil Armstrong, Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai, Nelson Mandela, former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and Maya Angelou.

    6. Also, if you pause quickly while hearing Neil Armstrong's quote, you can see what looks like the Quinjet that Natasha, Clint, and the others traveled to space in during Avengers: Endgame.

    7. The instrumental song that plays when we see the Loki title cards this week is different from what we've heard in previous episodes.

    8. While Loki and Sylvie walk up the steps, you can see two hourglasses flanking the door.

    9. Miss Minutes (creepily) welcomes Loki and Sylvie to this place beyond The Void and calls it "the Citadel at the End of Time," which is taken directly from the comics. It first appeared in Thor Issue #245 when Thor, Jane, and other Asgardians travel there.

    10. In that same Thor comic, Jane also talks to He Who Remains — that's who Miss Minutes says lives in the Citadel — and reveals what the Time Twisters really do. In the comics, the Time Twisters were a trio of beings created by the TVA. Sound a little familiar?

    11. In the comics, Kang does have a Citadel similar to this one too. I mentioned it last week, but it's called Chronopolis and it's located on the outskirts of time.

    12. Miss Minutes tries to entice Loki by mentioning a few of his failed plans that he could be successful at with the help of He Who Remains. Not only does she mention the Battle of New York from The Avengers, but she also brings up Loki becoming the King of Asgard, which he tried to accomplish in Thor.

    13. Also, Miss Minutes says that Loki could kill Thanos and take the Infinity Gauntlet for himself, which was most likely his plan if the Battle of New York was a success.

    14. As Loki and Sylvie travel deeper into the Citadel, the camera tilts as they walk down the hallway. This camera move was also used a lot in Doctor Strange, when Stephen and Mordo fought Kaecilius.

    15. You can spot the statues of three people, plus one that is broken. These represent the three Time-Keepers we know about, and one that we haven't seen. In the comics, He Who Remains actually created four Time-Keepers, but one of them, the Oracle of Siwa, was exiled.

    16. Okay, obviously not a hidden detail, but Jonathan Majors has OFFICIALLY joined the MCU as He Who Remains/Kang. It sounds like two comic characters are being combined for this part, and it's so perfect. In the comics, Kang actually learns how to conquer timelines by studying He Who Remains.

    Kang saying, "This is wild!" after seeing Loki and Sylvie for the first time in person

    17. In case you're like, "But Nora, tell me more about Kang," here you go. In the comics, Kang the Conqueror is as fearsome as Thanos. He's basically made up of dozens of identities from various timelines, just like what is explained in this episode.

    18. He Who Remains' outfit is very similar to what various Kang variants wear in the comic books — purple is his signature color, and Immortus, a Kang Variant from the comics, has a similar gold symbol on his chest.

    19. We finally know that the pen Mobius kept using in Ravonna's office in Episode 2 and in Episode 4 is related to a Ravonna Variant in 2018.

    20. You can spot a portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt hanging on the wall in the school hallway, which corresponds to the fact that the pen reads "Franklin D. Roosevelt High School."

    21. Also, dear good lord, this Ravonna Variant works in Ohio, and I am sorry but after Black Widow, I cry every single time I hear Ohio because of where Natasha, Yelena, Melina, and Alexei lived.

    22. Behind Hunter B-15, you can spot Ravonna's real name on her diploma from Ohio State University. So, Ravonna's name is actually Rebecca Tourminet, which is the name Ravonna used in the comics while trying to distance herself from Kang.

    23. When He Who Remains shows Loki and Sylvie all of their printed dialogue, you can see that He Who Remains' lines say "Me," while Loki's lines list his Variant identification number "L1130."

    24. When Ravonna is about to prune Mobius, the shot is very reminiscent of when Loki looks up at the Avengers in The Avengers.

    25. He Who Remains tells Sylvie and Loki that he's been "dubbed many names," and this is similar to Kang in the comics. Most notably, he's Kang the Conqueror, but he does go by other names.

    26. He Who Remains tells a story about how his Variants helped each other before they started a multiversal war. In the comics, the Council of Kangs is a group made up of Kangs who look to eliminate Kangs that diverge from the path.

    27. He Who Remains tries to entice Loki and Sylvie to take over pruning the timeline, and throughout the episode he's eating an apple. It's hard not to make the Biblical symbolism comparison, aka Adam, Eve, the apple, and the snake.

    28. Also, in Doctor Strange, when Stephen first uses the Eye of Agamotto, he practices on an apple, and since this episode is REALLY going to influence Doctor Strange 2 — more on that soon — I had to bring it up.

    29. Okay, OKAY, it's FINE. We've officially entered the multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this is going to DIRECTLY IMPACT Spider-Man: No Way Home AND Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, AND I'M SORRY I CAN'T STOP TYPING IN ALL CAPS.

    30. Not only do we see the sacred timeline splitting, but with Sylvie killing He Who Remains — ugh, Sylvie WHY — we're going to get more of his Variants, which means, I'm assuming, Jonathan Majors will be an evil He Who Remains Variant in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

    31. When Loki returns to the TVA, Mobius and Hunter B-15 don't know who he is, and I'm assuming that Loki is now on a different timeline where he never met Mobius.

    32. The statue of He Who Remains that Loki sees at the very end of the episode looks just like Kang's comic book look. So, yes, you can hear me yelling.

    33. And finally, not a real hidden detail, but in case you left before the end of the credits, we ARE getting Loki Season 2.

    Well, there you have it! Hope you've enjoyed my Loki details ramblings. Gonna take a short break and will be back for What If...? on Aug. 11.

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