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    "WandaVision" Had Some Mind-Blowing Details, So Here Are 100 Of The Best Ones I Spotted During The Season

    The level of detail in every single WandaVision episode is just incredible.

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for every episode of WandaVision on Disney+!🚨

    1. First, WandaVision brilliantly and beautifully showcases Wanda going through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

    Wanda telling Monica she wants her to leave, Wanda bargaining with the SWORD agents outside The Hex, and Wanda telling Vision, "We'll say hello again"

    2. The last four digits of the phone number on the for sale sign outside of Wanda and Vision's home are "0125," which could correspond to Avengers #125, which is actually when the Avengers come together to fight Thanos.

    A real estate sign with the numbers "0125" circled

    3. When Vision carries Wanda into their house in "Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience," he almost trips over a chair, which is a nod to The Dick Van Dyke Show and how Rob always tripped over the ottoman in the opening credits.

    Wanda and Vision phasing through a chair vs. Rob from "The Dick Van Dyke" show tripping over the ottoman

    4. When Wanda accidentally hits Vision in the head with a plate, she remarks that he has an "indestructible" head. This is a reference to how Vision's head wasn't indestructible when Thanos ripped the Mind Stone from his skull in Infinity War.

    Wanda saying, "My husband and his indestructible head"

    5. The wine bottle that Wanda magically pours reads "Maison Du Mépris," which in French means "House of Contempt," and it has a large "M" logo. This is a nod to the iconic House of M comic books.

    Wanda magically pouring a glass of wine

    6. Before we even know that S.W.O.R.D. is on the outside of Westview watching Wanda, you can see the S.W.O.R.D. logo at the very end of Episode 1, and you can spot it on the helicopter Wanda finds in the bushes in Episode 2.

    Circles and arrows pointing out the SWORD logo on a monitor and the red helicopter

    7. The opening credits of "Don't Touch That Dial" are a direct nod to the iconic credits from Bewitched.

    The WandaVision Episode 2 opening credits vs. the Bewitched ones

    8. When Vision phases through the floor during these opening credits, if you pause super fast, you can see what looks like Grim Reaper's helmet — in Tom King's Vision, Vision fights Grim Reaper.

    A circle around a black helmet

    9. You can spot ads for "Bova milk" and "Auntie A's kitty litter" here. The milk ad is a nod to Bova, an evolved cow who was with Wanda and Pietro's mom when she gave birth to them in the comics. And Auntie A is a perfect nod to Agatha Harkness.

    Animated Wanda standing in a supermarket aisle with "Bova milk" and "Auntie A's kitty litter" signs in the background

    10. The only color seen in both black-and-white episodes is red, which is a reference to the color associated with Wanda's powers and Chaos Magic.

    A red light on a toaster, the red helicopter Wanda finds, and blood on someone's hand

    11. Actually, throughout WandaVision, red is a very important color because of its association with Scarlet Witch. During the flashbacks to Wanda's childhood in Episode 8, you can see that the TV is red, the couch has shades of red in the pattern, and Wanda is wearing a red hoodie.

    Arrows pointing to the back of the TV, which is red, the couch, and Wanda's red hoodie

    12. In the advertisement in Episode 2, the watch's name is a reference to Wolfgang von Strucker, who used Loki's scepter and experimented on Wanda and Pietro. You can also see that the watch is made by Hydra.

    A close-up of the Strucker watch that also says Hydra and has the Hydra logo

    13. The colorful WandaVision opening credits in "Now In Color" are a nod to the opening credits from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

    The colorful WandaVision credits compared to the colorful Mary Tyler Moore opening credits

    14. The "Simser" paint cans are a reference to Jeremy Simser, who is a storyboard artist on WandaVision, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and She-Hulk.

    Purple and blue paint cans that say, "Simser"

    15. When Vision tells Wanda he wants to name their child Billy, he quotes William Shakespeare's play As You Like It, and the quote relates to WandaVision because Wanda created this reality and Vision is merely a "player" in it.

    Vision saying that he wants to name their son Billy after William Shakespeare and then quoting, "All the world's a stage. All the men and women, merely players"

    16. The doll Vision uses to practice changing diapers looks just like Cindy's beloved Kitty Karry-All doll from The Brady Bunch.

    Vision holding a doll vs. Cindy holding her Kitty Karry-All doll

    17. This is just a great continuity detail, but in Episode 3, Wanda is seen cutting up the pineapple that Agnes/Agatha hilariously brought over during Episode 1.

    Wanda cutting up a pineapple vs. Agnes brining one to Wanda and Vision

    18. In "Now In Color," Vision says that he hopes Billy is like his mother, which foreshadows that Wanda and Vision's son Billy has magical abilities like Wanda.

    Vision telling Wanda, "If he's anything like his mother, Billy will be perfect"

    19. When Monica re-materializes in the beginning of Episode 4, you can hear moments from Captain Marvel. Namely, Maria saying that she can't leave Monica and go to space, Carol saying that Maria has one of the best kids, and Carol calling Monica by her nickname.

    Maria saying, "No, I can't. I can't leave Monica" and Carol saying, "When they were handing out kids they gave her the toughest one. Lieutenant Trouble"

    20. When Monica walks into S.W.O.R.D., you can see that one of the news channels talking about "The Blip" is WHiH World News, which is a news network that has been used throughout the MCU movies and TV shows.

    A circle around the WHiH broadcast in "WandaVision" vs. a WHiH broadcast at Stark Expo in "Iron Man 2"

    21. You can spot a plaque inside S.W.O.R.D. honoring Maria Rambeau, and you can see that she still went by her nickname "Photon."

    Maria's plaque inside S.W.O.R.D. vs. Maria "Photon" Rambeau written on her jet in "Captain Marvel"

    22. While at S.W.O.R.D. with Monica, Hayward mentions that they are focusing on "nanotech," which is the technology that Tony Stark uses for his new Iron Man suit in Infinity War.

    Hayward telling Monica that they focus in nanotech now, and in "Infinity War" Iron Man telling Bruce that his suit is nanotech and it's something he's been working on

    23. Probably my favorite detail/Easter egg is when Monica meets Jimmy Woo, and Jimmy uses the card trick that he wanted Scott to teach him in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

    Jimmy doing his card trick with his business card vs. Scott doing a card trick in "Ant-Man and the Wasp" and Jimmy saying, "How'd you do it, Scott? The card trick"

    24. Monica's S.W.O.R.D. vehicle has the numbers "8512" on it, which could be a reference to the Vision and the Scarlet Witch 12-issue limited series comic books that started in 1985. In fact, WandaVision pulled some similar plot points from these comics, namely the twins.

    A circle around "S-8512" on Monica's car

    25. The drone Monica uses to try and see into Westview has the number "57" on it, and Vision makes his first ever appearance in the Marvel comics during Avengers Issue #57. Also, the drone's colors match Captain Marvel's suit.

    The red, blue, and yellow drone vs. Captain Marvel's red, blue, and yellow suit in "Captain Marvel"

    26. When explaining how she found Wanda's TV signal, Darcy says she picked up radiation that dates back to the Big Bang. If you recall, Wanda got her powers from the Mind Stone, which was created during the Big Bang.

    Darcy saying that her equipment registered "an extremely high level of CMBR" and Hayward saying that's radiation that dates back to the Big Bang. And then, Wong explaining that the Big Bang is what created the six Infinity Stones

    27. Long before we got the official Agatha Harkness reveal, you can see that "Agnes" was the only Westview resident who wasn't identified by S.W.O.R.D. She also doesn't have a drivers license attached to her file like everyone else.

    A wall with pictures of WestView residents and their files

    28. Sharon Davis, aka the real name of Mrs. Hart, is actually the name of a supervising art director on WandaVision.

    Darcy holding up the files for Mrs. and Mr. Hart

    29. The names we see at the end of this episode are actually names of people who work on WandaVision in real life.

    An old TV with credits rolling over Wanda and Vision sitting on their couch

    30. In "On a Very Special Episode..." Vision wears a green plaid shirt, which is an homage to The Vision comics by Tom King where Vision wears the same thing.

    Vision holding Billy

    31. Vision tries to calm Billy down by reading Charles Darwin's The Descent of Man, which is about evolution, and throughout the episode, Billy and Tommy are constantly evolving and growing up.

    Vision saying, "Tried reading to him, but some reason Charles Darwin's 'The Descent of Man' made him cry even harder"

    32. When Agnes arrives at Wanda and Vision's to help with Billy and Tommy, she refers to herself as "Aunty Agnes." In the comic books, Agatha Harkness is often referred to as "Aunt Agatha."

    Agnes telling Wanda, "Anyway, Aunty Agnes is here and I've got a couple of tricks up my sleeve"

    33. The opening credits for Episode 5 feature a picnic, which is similar to the one from the Full House opening credits, and of course, Elizabeth Olsen basically grew up on the set of Full House.

    Wanda, Vision, Billy, and Tommy having a picnic vs. The Tanners having a picnic on Full House

    34. The number "113" appears several times in WandaVision. First, you can spot it when Jimmy is going through Wanda's history. Then, you can see it on one of Hayward's files. This could be a nod to Avengers Issue #113, which features Wanda and Vision on the cover, and Wanda saying she's going to make the world pay for Vision's death.

    A circles around "SAT #113" and "Project C4-113"

    35. If you look closely, you can spot "A113" on one of the files about Wanda. A113 is a classic Pixar Easter egg, and it's hidden in every Pixar movie.

    A circle around "A113 Data" on a computer monitor

    36. In Episode 5, Jimmy mentions that Wanda resurrecting Vision's body is a direct violation of the Sokovia Accords. Of course, the Sokovia Accords were a massive part of Captain America: Civil War and were a direct reaction to Wanda using her powers in Lagos.

    Jimmy saying, "But that's in direct violation of 36B of the Sokovia Accords"

    37. If you look closely, the "B" on the fridge looks like a bear, and in the comics, Wanda's nickname for Billy is "Billy Bear."

    An arrow pointing out a brown "B" in the shape of a bear on Wanda's fridge

    38. Billy and Tommy beg Wanda and Vision to let them keep Sparky, and in the comic books, Sparky is actually a green dog that Vision creates for his family. Also, just like in the show, Sparky dies in the comics, however Wanda is able to bring him back with the help of Tony Stark.

    Wanda holding Sparky and Tommy saying, "You can fix anything, Mom. Fix dead"

    39. The commercial in Episode 5 is for Lagos paper towels, which is a reference to Lagos, Nigeria, where Wanda accidentally destroyed an entire building filled with people in Captain America: Civil War.

    An advertisement saying, "Lagos. For when you make a mess you didn't mean to" and Wanda looking shocked from "Captain America: Civil War"

    40. Just like Malcolm on Malcolm in the Middle, Billy and Tommy break the fourth wall throughout Episode 6 and talk directly to viewers.

    Billy saying how Halloween is a magical holiday while talking directly the camera

    41. Of course, Wanda, Vision, Fake Pietro, Tommy, and Billy's Halloween costumes are a brilliant and utterly perfect nod to all of their original superhero outfits in the Marvel comics.

    Vision, Wanda, Fake Pietro, Tommy, and Billy in their Halloween costumes and trick or treating

    42. While trick-or-treating, "Pietro" tells Billy and Tommy to "unleash hell, demon spawn." In the comics, Billy and Tommy were created using parts of Mephisto's soul, and Mephisto is Marvel's version of the devil.

    Pietro saying, "Unleash hell, demon spawn"

    43. Tommy refers to "Pietro" using his speed as "kick-ass," and then Wanda repeats the phrase. This is a nod to the movie Kick-Ass, which starred Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters, aka both versions of Pietro.

    Wanda saying, "Kick-ass"

    44. The Incredibles and The Parent Trap are both playing at the movie theater during the Halloween episode. The Incredibles is a movie about a superhero family, like Wanda, Vision, Billy, and Tommy. And The Parent Trap is about two long-lost twins reuniting, like Wanda and this version of Pietro.

    A circle around a movie theater marquee showing "The Incredibles" and "The Parent Trap"

    45. When Darcy emails Hayward's Cataract plans, you can see the names "James Gadd" and "James Alexander" as email options. James Gadd works in post-production at Marvel Studios, and James Alexander is a visual effects producer on WandaVision.

    Circle around the names "Gadd, James D." and "Alexander, James J."

    46. After Wanda blasts Fake Pietro, you can see one of the gravestone decorations reads "Janell Sammelman." Janell is a first assistant director on WandaVision.

    A circle around the name "Sammelman" on a tombstone decoration

    47. When Wanda moves the borders of The Hex in order to save Vision, she turns S.W.O.R.D. headquarters into a circus. In the comic books, there's actually a plot point where Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Hawkeye join the circus.

    SWORD headquarters turning into a circus with clowns

    48. In "Breaking the Fourth Wall," while Wanda is lying in bed, you can see that the shapes on her comforter are hexagons, which is a nod to the shape of Westview's town limits, aka The Hex.

    Wanda lying in bed underneath a blue comforter with silver hexagons

    49. In Episode 7, Wanda starts talking to a cameraperson and breaking the fourth wall, which is a nod to Modern Family. Also, Wanda and Vision's living room resembles Phil and Claire's from Modern Family.

    Wanda talking to the camera and repeatedly saying, "I'm fine"

    50. The colors of Tommy and Billy's clothes throughout the series are a nod to the colors of their superhero costumes in the comic books. Tommy always wears green, while Billy's outfit is red.

    Tommy wearing a green jacket with a white stripe and Billy wearing a red, black, blue, and white striped shirt

    51. The only way to really notice this detail is if you watch with the subtitles on, but the radio station Wanda is listening to is W.N.D.A., a nod to her own name.

    A radio host saying, "Good morning, Westviewians. Thanks for tuning in to W.N.D.A."

    52. At one point, Wanda eats Sugar Snaps cereal, which is a reference to Thanos's snap from Avengers: Infinity War.

    A close-up of Wanda's cereal box, which reads "Sugar Snaps"

    53. During the opening credits, Wanda's license plate features the numbers "122822," which actually stands for Dec. 28, 1922, which was Stan Lee's birthday.

    A license plate saying "Wanda" with the numbers "122822" above her name

    54. When Wanda's reality inside the house begins to crack, you can see that the stairs briefly revert back to The Brady Bunch–style stairs from Episode 3, and you can spot the plant that Agnes gave to Wanda during Episode 1.

    Arrows pointing to the potted plant Agnes gave Wanda and the stairs from Episode 3

    55. And, you can also see a glimpse of the real Westview when the reality is glitching, and the reason the walls disappear is because we later learn that Wanda and Vision's house doesn't exist, it's just an empty lot.

    A close-up of Wanda's fireplace glitching and no walls behind it

    56. The commercial for Nexus in Episode 7 is actually super important. In the comics, there is the idea of the Nexus of All Realities, which is a gateway that you can use to get to any and all possible realities.

    The Nexus ad saying, "A unique antidepressant that works to anchor you back to your reality or the reality of your choice"

    57. Also in the Marvel comics, there is the idea of "Nexus Beings," who are individuals who can affect probability and the future. Vision and Wanda are both considered Nexus Beings. Nexus Beings are also watched closely by the Time Variance Authority, who will be appearing in Loki.

    A box of Nexus capsules vs. Loki in a TVA jumpsuit

    58. And, Nexus could refer to the NEXUS Internet Hub, which was seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron when Tony searched the internet to find J.A.R.V.I.S. after his run in with Ultron.

    Tony typing on a computer at the NEXUS Internet Hub in Oslo, Norway

    59. If you look closely, you can see that Wanda appears to take one of the Nexus pills.

    Wanda pouring a pill from a bottle into her hand

    60. After Monica enters Westview, she's now able to see different forms of energy. In the comic books, Monica's main power is that she is able to control and transform herself into energy.

    Monica seeing purple lights and waves radiating from power lines

    61. The super-catchy opening credits for "Agatha All Along" are a nod to The Munsters.

    Agatha All Along title vs. The Munsters titles

    62. In Episode 8, we learn that Agatha was a witch during the Salem Witch Trials, and in the comics, Agatha settles in Salem and tries to start her own coven where witches can practice magic freely.

    Agatha saying, "Yes, I am a witch" while tied to a post

    63. Of course, the brooch Agatha takes from her mother is the one she was wearing in every episode of WandaVision. The brooch is a direct nod to Agatha's comic book outfit.

    Circles and arrows pointing to Agatha wearing her broach around her neck

    64. When Agatha tells Wanda that her thoughts "aren't available to her," this connects to why Billy said Agatha was "quiet" in Episode 7. This is also a nod to Billy having the same powers as Wanda.

    Agatha telling Wanda that her "thoughts are not available to you" and Billy telling Agatha, "You're quiet, Agnes...on the inside"

    65. You can see that Agatha's runes are inside a hexagon, which is a nod to the shape of Westview's town limits, aka The Hex.

    A purple rune inside a hexagon on the wall

    66. The blinking red light on the Stark Industries bomb connects back to the commercial in Episode 1, when the only thing in color was the blinking red light on the Stark Industries toaster.

    Circles around the blinking red lights on the Stark Industries bomb and the toaster

    67. The Dick Van Dyke episode that Wanda chooses to watch in the flashback is "It May Look Like a Walnut." The entire episode is basically a dream Rob has after watching a scary sci-fi movie.

    Rob from "The Dick Van Dyke Show" saying, "Oh, what a nightmare! What a night. I dreamed that I was a Twyloite. And I lost my sense of humor and my thumbs"

    68. You can see that Wanda is wearing the exact outfit she was wearing in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier post-credit scene, which is when we first met her.

    Wanda in solitary in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" vs. Wanda in the same outfit in "WandaVision"

    69. In the flashback to Wanda and Vision at the Avengers compound, Vision phasing through the wall is a nod to a moment in Captain America: Civil War where Vision does the same thing.

    Vision apologizing for coming through the wall in "WandaVision," and Wanda saying, "Vis! We talked about this" after he does the same thing in "Civil War"

    70. When Wanda describes her grief to Vision in a flashback, it's almost exactly how Monica describes what she was feeling inside The Hex during Episode 5. Then, in the finale, we learn that all of the Westview residents have been feeling Wanda's grief, which explains why Monica felt that way too.

    71. Wanda's heartbreaking line about not being able to feel Vision anymore is a direct nod to their first and final conversations in Avengers: Infinity War.

    Wanda and Vision saying, "I just feel you" in Infinity War vs. Wanda saying, "I can't feel you"

    72. When Wanda drives through the real Westview you can spot several residents we've come to know, and you can see that Wanda let them live their dreams in her version of Westview.

    Phil putting up an add for piano lessons vs. Phil playing piano at the talent show

    73. If you look closely, Wanda's license plate says "Excelsior," which is a nod to Stan Lee's iconic motto.

    A circle around Wanda's license plate

    74. The heart on the property deed for Wanda and Vision's house explains why the heart on the calendar in Episode 1 was so important. In the episode, the heart on the calendar ultimately marked Wanda and Vision's anniversary too.

    A heart with a note from Vision saying, 'To grow old in V."

    75. When Wanda falls to the ground while standing in what would've been her home with Vision, we previously saw a flash of this moment in Episode 5 when Monica was explaining her time in The Hex.

    Wanda weeping and standing on the lot where she and Vision's house would be

    76. Wanda's magic exploding while she grieves Vision is reminiscent of what happened to her in Avengers: Age of Ultron after Pietro's death.

    Red magic coming out of Wanda's chest vs. red magic killing Ultron's minions

    77. When Agatha tells Wanda that she takes magic from people who are "undeserving." This leads back to the Yo-Magic commercial in Episode 6 where the shark represented someone who is "snacking" on Wanda's magic.

    Agatha saying, "I take power from the undeserving. It's kinda my thing"

    78. Wanda levitating a car and throwing it at Agatha is something she's done before. In Civil War, she threw a bunch of cars at Iron Man.

    Wanda throwing a red car at Agatha vs. throwing a bunch of cars at Tony

    79. Wanda looking under the car and just seeing Agatha's boots is a direct nod to Dorothy's house crushing the Wicked Witch of the East in The Wizard of Oz.

    Agatha's boots sticking out from under a car vs. the ruby slippers under the house in the Wizard of Oz

    80. Wanda meeting White Vision is a moment that is directly taken from Avengers West Coast Issue #45. In the comics, Wanda meets White Vision and although he knows her name, she immediately learns that he doesn't have an "emotional connection" to her anymore.

    Wanda saying, "Vision? Is it really you?"

    81. When White Vision and Vision are fighting, White Vision tries to get the Mind Stone out of Vision's head just like Thanos did, only this time, Vision phases right through White Vision's hand.

    White Vision saying, "You must be destroyed"

    82. When Jimmy escapes from his handcuffs, he says, "Flourish," which is exactly what Vision said during the magic show in Episode 2. Clearly, Jimmy also loves WandaVision like Darcy.

    Jimmy saying, "Flourish" vs. Vision in Episode 2 saying, "And now my wife and I will delight in your dumbstruck little faces. Flourish!"

    83. I feel like it's important to point out that in the comics, the Darkhold was used by Chthon, an Elder God, who used Wanda as a pawn when he wanted to invade Earth.

    Agatha saying, "The Scarlet Witch is not born, she is forged. She has no coven, no need for incantation"

    84. Agatha mentions the "Sorcerer Supreme" when talking to Wanda about her powers. The Sorcerer Supreme was first mentioned in Doctor Strange by Wong when he's explaining things.

    Agatha saying, "Your power exceeds that of the Sorcerer Supreme. It's your destiny to destroy the world"

    85. Wanda creating a force field to protect Vision, Billy, and Tommy from Agatha's powers is a direct nod to one of Scarlet Witch's (many) powers in the comic books.

    Wanda creating a red forcefield around Billy and Tommy

    86. Wanda, Vision, Billy, and Tommy preparing to fight S.W.O.R.D. and Agatha is seemingly a nod to the moment in The Incredibles when the Parrs prepare to fight Syndrome and his robots.

    Wanda, Vision, Billy, and Tommy getting ready to fight vs. The Incredibles

    87. When White Vision gets Vision's memories, you can spot the moment when Wanda comes out of the building and uses her powers in Age of Ultron after Clint's pep talk. Vision wasn't there for that moment in the movie, which probably means Wanda told him about it.

    A circle around a memory of Wanda using her powers

    88. After White Vision awakens with Vision's memories, he says, "I am Vision," which is a nod to Tony Stark's iconic "I am Iron Man," which essentially started the entire MCU journey we've been on.

    White Vision saying, "I am Vision"

    89. Wanda manipulates Agatha's mind and her memory, which is what Wanda did to The Avengers in Age of Ultron.

    Wanda using her magic on Agatha vs. using her magic on Tony Stark

    90. While in Agatha's memory, the outline of Wanda's magic on her head matches her Scarlet Witch costume from the comics.

    A red crown around Wanda's head

    91. Wanda thanks Agatha for the "lesson" about runes, and this is such a great nod to the fact that in the comics, Agatha trains Scarlet Witch and teaches her how to control her Chaos Magic.

    Wanda saying, "But I don't need you to tell me who I am"

    92. The way Wanda got her Scarlet Witch costume for the first time is exactly like Wanda's vision from Episode 8 when she came in contact with the Mind Stone.

    Wanda in her Scarlet Witch costume

    93. You can see that Oz the Great and Powerful is playing at the movie theater in Westview.

    A circle around a marquee reading, "Oz the Great and Powerful"

    94. When Wanda finally accepts that she has to say goodbye to Vision, Vision says, "It's time." This mirrors their final conversation in Infinity War when Vision realizes that Wanda has to destroy the Mind Stone.

    Vision saying, "It's time"

    95. As Wanda's magic slowly leaves Westview, you can see that the marquee at the movie theater says "Tannhauser Gate," which I'm hoping is a nod to Roy's monologue from when he's about to die in Blade Runner.

    Roy from Blade Runner saying that he watched "C-beams glitter in the darkness at Tannhauser Gate"

    96. In "The Series Finale," Wanda explains that this version of Vision is the part of the Mind Stone that lives in her, and this is HUGE for the MCU because even though the Infinity Stones were destroyed, this means part of its power will always be within Wanda.

    Wanda saying, "You...Vision are the piece of the Mind Stone that lives in me. You are a body of wires and blood and bone that I created. You are my sadness and my hope. But mostly, you're my love"

    97. WandaVision is the first time "witches" have been introduced in the MCU, but in Spider-Man: Far From Home witches are alluded to a lot when Mysterio arrives. Far From Home is set after WandaVision, so this is a brilliant detail now.

    Mr. Dell saying, "Oh! The witches are back"

    98. In the comics, Wanda has the ability to alter anything into something else and she's used this ability to change her clothes instantly, which is what we see at the end when she's suddenly wearing her Scarlet Witch outfit.

    Wanda's hoodie transforming into her Scarlet Witch outfit

    99. When a Skrull meets with Monica and says she was sent by an "old friend of your mother's" and they need to meet him in space. Based on the Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credit scene, we know that Nick Fury is in space with some Skrulls.

    A skrull telling Monica that she was sent by an old friend and then pointing towards space

    100. And finally, we see Wanda doing the same astral projection reading technique that Doctor Strange uses in order to read the Darkhold. Also, the last voices we hear are Billy and Tommy's, so I'm going with Wanda is going to figure out how to bring them back, which happens in the comics.

    Billy and Tommy saying, "Mom, help! Help! Mom, please!"

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