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    Following Matthew Perry's Death, Several "Friends" Scenes Are Going Viral Because They Now Have A Deeper Meaning

    Every scene where one of the characters from Friends says goodbye to Chandler is going to make me cry now.

    A few days ago, beloved actor Matthew Perry suddenly died at the age of 54.

    A portrait shot of Matthew Perry smiling

    Alongside starring in movies like Fools Rush In, 17 Again, The Whole Nine Yards, and more, he was of course best known for playing Chandler Bing on Friends over the course of 10 seasons. His work earned him a SAG Award alongside the cast, and an Emmy nomination.

    Matthew as Chandler sitting in a restaurant with other costars in a scene from the show, and after Ross says he wants to be married again, Rachel walks in wearing a wedding dress, and Chandler says he wants a million dollars

    Shortly after news of his death broke, celebrities began sharing messages of how Matthew impacted their lives, whether they had the chance to work with him or just admired his work and advocacy in terms of mental health and addiction.

    His fellow Friends costars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer issued a statement saying, "We are all so utterly devastated by the loss of Matthew. We were more than just cast mates. We are a family."

    the cast walking down the street together for a promo shot

    Alongside his former costars and peers, fans also flooded social media to share how much Matthew meant to them, often sharing clips of their favorite Chandler moments from Friends.

    ross yelling pivot as they carry a couch and chandler saying shut up

    And while a lot of the moments being shared were Chandler's best one-liners, there are also a few Friends scenes that are going viral because they are now hitting harder following Matthew's death.

    he's posing by a fountain

    So, here are some of those moments:

    First, when Monica remarks that all six of them are finally hanging out together after a long time, but Rachel points out that Chandler isn't with them.

    rachel saying, uh, mon, chandler's not here

    When Joey is moving out of the apartment and asks Chandler when he'll see him again.

    joey: i don't know when i'm going to see you again, Chandler: well i'm guessing tonight at the coffee house

    And then, when Joey rushes back into the apartment and hugs Chandler goodbye.

    joey hugging chandler

    When Joey is living in his new apartment all alone and turns to the other recliner to say something to Chandler, but he isn't sitting there like he always used to be.

    joey turning to an empty chair

    When Joey tells Chandler about the only thing he's really going to miss after Chandler moves in with Monica across the hall.

    joey saying, i'm going to be ok, i'm not gonna miss you helping me out with money, the only thing i'm going to miss is you

    When Chandler is the last person to leave Mr. Heckles's apartment and says goodbye to him.

    chandler before closing the door on an empty apartment saying, goodbye, we'll try to keep it down,

    When Chandler leaves to go work in Tulsa and everyone is hugging him goodbye.

    everyone taking turns to hug and say goodbye

    And then, Joey says he's mad at him for leaving because he doesn't want him to go.

    joey remains with his arms crossed refusing to hug him and saying, i'm mad at you for leaving

    When Phoebe is trying to seduce Chandler after finding out that he's been secretly dating Monica, she simply says goodbye to him.

    phoebe approaching him and whispering, i miss you already

    When Janice says goodbye to Chandler after they break up, but Chandler suddenly starts begging for her to take him back.

    janice saying bye in the coffee shop

    And finally, just the fact that Chandler has the final line in the Friends series finale.

    rachel asking if they should get coffee and chandler saying, sure where

    Are there any other Chandler moments from Friends that are hitting different now? Tell us in the comments below.