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    27 Products So Effective You'll Probably Use Them Every Single Day

    No-regret finds.

    1. A heated massager so you can relax on the couch while it soothes your knots and tense spots. It's designed for your back and neck (including your lower back), but you can also use it on your thighs, hamstrings, and feet.

    The U-shaped massager: the two heated massage elements are at the curve of the U, with loops to hold with either arm at the tips

    2. Some CeraVe moisturizing cream, which gently moisturizes for 24 hours and is especially good for dry, sensitive skin.

    A person's face before: you see general redness all over that could be caused by dryness, and some acne especially on the cheek area. And the "after" photo, where their face looks clear with minimal redness

    3. A soy wax Pet House candle you'll burn every day because it really does eradicate any lingering odors around the house, whether they're from your beloved kitty or pup *or* from cooking yesterday's delicious dinner. Several of us at BuzzFeed use them all the time and know they actually work!

    The Fresh Citrus scented candle burning on a table surrounded by limes, lemons, and oranges

    4. A silicone scalp massager and shampoo brush — besides gently deep cleaning and exfoliating your skin with way less effort than it would take using just your fingers, it also just feels really damn good.

    5. A no-scrub cleaning spray so satisfying you'll want to use it all the time, even though your bathroom won't get dirty again quickly enough.

    A before photo showing a very dingy, dirt-toned tub, including a bunch of small dots left by a mat. And the after showing the same tub, but with no more visible spots.

    6. The Diamond Dazzle Stick, which will make your diamond, sapphire, emerald, and other jewelry so irresistibly sparkly and clean you'll find yourself reaching for it the moment your stone is even the tiniest bit smeared.

    A before photo showing a large, dull, cloudy crystal on a ring, and an after photo showing the exact same piece that's shiny, clear, clean, and sparkling.

    7. The Sock Dock because if you do use it daily, you will *never* see a sock separated from its matching mate *ever* again. Plus you'll be able to fold all your socks in basically no time at all.

    A model holding the sock doc stocked with nine pairs of socks; it's an elastic cord with white dividers creating gaps where you can slip in socks

    8. A knife sharpener so simple and effective that you won't want to put it away until every single blade in your drawer is as fiercely honed as when you very first bought it. Especially once you realize it's 1,000 times easier to slice and dice when each knife's at the peak of its power.

    Two hands using the knife sharpener. It balances on the edge of the counter and has a plastic grip to hold, and two sharpening slots (one labeled "coarse", one labeled "fine)

    9. A weighted blanket — every time you wrap yourself in it, you'll feel gently cuddled, which can help you deeply relax despite the stress of everyday life. Plus many reviewers swear it helps them sleep better each and every night.

    A model wrapped in a blue weighted blanket with white stripes

    10. And a cozy U-shaped body pillow that people love for pregnancy but also can be supportive whether you have back pain or just want a consistent cuddle buddy every night.

    A model laying on their side in the U-shaped pillow, their head on the curve of the U and their knees on either side of one of the ends of the U.

    11. A pill organizer with a small box for each day that's divided into times of day, so you never have to dig past your evening dose to take what you need to at lunchtime.

    12. An accupressure wristband that helps relieve nausea for many reviewers, whether it's caused by driving in the car (motion sickness, why???), being pregnant, 3D gaming, or something else entirely.

    13. The Furminator if you have a dog who constantly sheds and / or seems to be going through an extreme spring molt. This will extract a bunch of hair your doggo might have otherwise left all over your sofa, your clothes, and your bed, and deposit it in the trash in one fell swoop.

    14. And a patented pet hair removing roller that you simply brush over any fabric surface to pick up any other residual shedding your furry friend leaves in their wake.

    15. A toilet gel that you can stamp just under the rim to clean the bowl each and every time it's flushed, keeping your commode sparkling clean for up to 20 weeks in a row.

    16. A pair of Birkenstocks because once you have 'em broken in, they'll give you *so* much good support that you'll find yourself gravitating to them anytime you need to walk or stand for more than just a few minutes.

    A three-strap, two-buckle white Birkenstock shoe with brown footbed; one strap goes across the top of your foot near your ankle; another goes across just below your toes, and a third goes across only your big toe.

    17. A luxuriously soft throw blanket that will definitely spark joy every time you curl up under it to read your library book, watch your favorite movie for the thirty-second time, or flutter your eyes shut for a Sunday afternoon catnap.

    A super fuzzy throw in mottled greys draped across a chair

    18. A stainless-steel cleaner and polish because all you have to do is spray it on then wipe it off to reveal a sparkling clean, fingerprint-free kitchen, zero real effort required.

    A model holding a spray bottle of the cleaner with one hand, and with the other, wiping off a dirty fridge so you clearly see how quickly and thoroughly the cleaner works

    19. Two bottles of Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel Seasoning because it'll instantly add a salty, garlicky, onion-y crunch of flavor to everything you anoint with it, from avocado to popcorn to roast veggies and SO much more.

    A hand holding the 2.3 ounce (65 gram) bottle of seasoning over some avocado toast with the seasoning sprinkled on it. The bottle has the name of the blend on it and says "with sea salt, garlic, and onion"

    20. And some Mike's Hot Honey for adding just the right amount of spicy sweetness to pretty much anything you cook or eat — salad dressing, marinades, pizza, peanut butter toast, cheese, and even ice cream can all benefit from it's perfectly hot kick.

    A hand drizzles the honey on a pepperoni pizza

    21. Some fizzing cleaning tablets that loosen seemingly permanent gunk from your coffee/tea mugs and pots so you can keep enjoying your favorite drinks out of your favorite containers they way you did when they were brand new.

    22. A bottle of Poo Pourri spray — it blocks offensive odors before they even get started, so your bathroom always smells clean no matter what.

    A bottle of the original citrus-scented spray styled with lemons and lemon branches

    23. A set of three incredibly moisturizing lip balms. Because they come in tinted and un-tinted options *and* taste delicious, the moment the flavor fades you'll immediately want to apply more. (Although you won't *have* to, because your lips will still be soft from putting it on earlier!)

    Three half-ounce tubes of the cherry, rose, and mint flavors of the product, which is called Glossier Balm Dotcom Universal Skin Salve

    24. A stain remover spray — it's so satisfyingly effective against all kinds of food, dirt, oil, and makeup messes that you'll actually look forward to spilling something just so you get to use it.

    25. A three-in-one avocado tool that you definitely need if you eat at least one avocado a week — you'll be able to cut it open, pit it, then slice each half into seven perfectly even pieces before you can say "toast."

    26. A gel nail polish + top coat so you can give yourself a salon-quality manicure that absolutely lasts and looks good for over a week, no touch-ups necessary.

    27. Some hiker-favorite merino wool socks that stay in place no matter what your day brings, wick moisture away from your skin, resist odor, and best of all, last for miles and miles without any holes.

    A pair of feet resting on a picnic table wearing the crew-height socks with stripes. Although the exact color is no longer in stock, they're grey with blue and orange stripes, and yellow-green on the heels and toes

    You to these products, after they do such an excellent job:

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