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    35 Incredibly Effective Cleaning Products You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

    A whole bunch of cleaning problems, solved.

    1. A brush spinner that effortlessly expels every last ounce of makeup and then *dries* your brush, all in less than one minute.

    2. A powerful no-rinse stain remover — it can conquer almost any seemingly-impossible mess you throw at it. Simply spritz it on, wait a second, then blot it up to see the stain truly vanish like magic.

    3. An extendable microfiber duster set that makes it easy to follow the cardinal rule of cleaning: start at the top and work your way down to the bottom, so you don't vacuum first then end up with dust on the floor from your fan.

    4. A carpet shampooer to give your floors a deep clean that will pretty much rewind the clock to the very day you moved in or installed the carpet.

    5. A bottle of the multipurpose Barkeeper's Friend so you can finally banish those built-up hard water stains on your shower glass doors in less time than it takes to open the box.

    6. And a daily cleaner to spray on that clean glass at the end of each shower — it will actually *prevent* soap scum and hard water build up, so you don't have to haul out the heavy duty products so often.

    7. A pack of fizzing tablets for easily deep cleaning even the most built-up layers of coffee and tea stains. They're like an ultra-powerful bath bomb for your stainless and plastic travel mugs.

    8. A fume-free oven cleaner — it will erase the evidence of all those years of delicious baked goods, frozen pizzas, and bacon with one overnight treatment.

    9. A foaming garbage disposal cleaner that you simply drop in, run a little water, then let its fizz reach down into the depths of your disposer for you, ridding it of any built-up slime and grossness.

    10. And a garbage disposal cleaning brush you can reuse indefinitely to disperse all the gunk and buildup stuck lurking just beneath the rubber splash guard.

    11. A bottle of jetted tub cleaner because over the years those pipes get coated in soap, dead skin cells, and all kinds of other gunk that you definitely don't want keeping you company in your relaxing bath.

    12. A pet hair removing–roller that you simply brush over any fabric surface to pick up basically every last bit of shedding your furry friend's always leaving in their wake.

    13. And a big squeegee broom — it sweeps up the piles of hair invisibly embedded in your carpet and scattered over your hardwood or tile floor that even the most powerful pet hair vacuum can't hope to get.

    14. A set of drill brushes so you can go to town on essentially any grimy surface, from cooked-on grease on a stovetop to built-up dirt in a bathtub to the accumulated years of grime on tile and grout.

    15. An oil stain remover that works wonders on basically any kind of stone (whether it's untreated *or* sealed and polished) because you shouldn't have to live with the consequences of that one leaky bottle of olive oil.

    16. A bottle of mold and mildew cleaner made with a no-odor gel, which makes it stick to your tile grout and caulking so it can actually do its job.

    17. A rust stain remover perfect for anything coated in a thin crust of orange — a few sprays and a final wipe of this stuff will actually make your bathroom look brand new again.

    18. A robo vac to keep your floors cleaner than you ever thought possible. I can guarantee you that I'm not about to sweep everyday without help from one of these little guys.

    19. An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner that needs just a dab of dish soap and a little distilled water to make your engagement ring, eyeglasses, and even your dentures sparkle.

    20. And the Diamond Dazzle Stik so you can brighten and shine up your most-worn jewelry between deeper cleanings.

    21. A pack of dishwasher cleaning tablets to disband any limescale or mineral buildup — you deserve a dishwasher that *actually* gets your dishes clean.

    22. And some washing-machine tablets to dissolve and wash away any odor-causing residue so your clothes stop coming out smelling like they're not as clean as they could be.

    23. A pair of scrub brushes that have your back no matter how stuck-on or deeply-embedded the grime at hand happens to be.

    24. Or an automatic scrubbing brush so you can just lazily move it back and forth over whatever stubborn sticky, rubbed-in mess you're cleaning up this time while it scrubs *sixty times each second* for you.

    25. A glass and ceramic cooktop cleaning kit that comes complete with a heavy-duty scrubber, a razor blade, and a bottle of powerful cleaner — basically everything you need to conquer even the messiest of burners so it shines like new.

    26. A drain millipede, which extracts every last bit of hair and whatever other mysteriously gross gunk lurks below the surface, clogging up your tub and sink drains.

    27. And of course the classic TubShroom because it will prevent that clogged, goopy, hairy horror-scape problem in the first place.

    28. A pumice stone — it beats back even the worst hard water buildup on toilets and tubs, so you can enjoy having a bathroom that actually looks clean again.

    29. And a toilet gel that you can stamp in once it's clean to actually keep it that way. It'll clean just a little bit each and every time your toilet's flushed so everything stays sparkling for up to 20 weeks in a row.

    30. Some oversized heavy-duty cleaning wipes so you can tackle tough jobs big and small. It only takes a few swipes to remove grease, oil, tar, ink, paint, permanent marker, food stains, and so much more.

    31. Some Goo Gone — it makes removing everything from tape residue to mysterious sticky substances to old bumper stickers quick and painless.

    32. A wood polish and conditioner that practically erases damage as if it was never there, like your antique beside tables that have had one too many water glasses sweat on them overnight.

    33. A window cleaning spray — you simply attach it to your hose for a three-step, no-squeegee process that makes your siding and windows shine like new.

    34. Or a compact electric power washer because it's extremely satisfying to spend an afternoon blasting of years of built-up gunk from your windows, deck, fence, and concrete.