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    24 Useful Cleaning Gadgets That Basically Do The Work For You

    Gadgets and gizmos aplenty, all to make your life a little easier.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A brush spinner that extracts every last ounce of makeup *and* dries your brush in literally less than one minute.

    You simply charge it via USB, insert your brushes in the wand one at a time, then choose one of three speeds to spin it in the glass bowl. One reviewer suggested picking up a second glass bowl from a dollar store to use for rinsing after you clean β€” seems like a smart idea to me.

    Promising Review: "When I use liquid foundation and get them REALLY dirty I have to scrub them down before I wash them but the machine gets them cleaner than I could after. The most important thing is that it DRIES them ASAP. I don't want damp or even wet brushes that I can't use β€” this solves that problem! The speed variability makes it so all my brushes are perfect! Never blown out. All of my brushes worked in this, even the ones that I thought would not β€” the ones that have diamond-shaped or flat handles, or ones where the brush head is asymmetrical. Keeping your brushes clean means having cleaner skin and more sanitary cosmetics." β€”L

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    2. A robotic mop you can set to scrub up your bathroom floors each and every day, so it feels like you're living at your favorite hotel in the lap of luxury.

    Because you like clean floors, but have better things to do than mop every day. Even though it's made by iRobot, it doesn't charge at a home base like a Roomba β€” it just has a battery pack that you charge on the wall. It's also like, 1/4 of the price of those vacuums.

    Promising review: Instead of the random-seeming "bump and go" action that a Roomba has, the Braava follows a pattern, zigging and zagging across the floor. It covered the entire floor and huggged all the edges consistently in the three rooms I tested it in. When it bumped from kitchen floor to dining room carpet, it detected that and avoided spraying water and trying to mop there. You can even power it up a special way to tell it "never go behind where you start" so if you want to clean just half of a large room, the unit will only clean what is in front of it. Clever. I enjoy watching TV while robots take care of the housework ;-) β€”Allen C. Huffman

    Get it from Amazon for $174.84 (and two extra washable, reusable cleaning pads for $14.47).

    3. Or an automatic mop that scrubs the floor while you follow it on a leisurely stroll through your home.


    It comes with two sets of washable pads: scrubby ones for tile, and soft ones for wood floors. You do still have to sweep or vacuum first, but this makes the mopping part a breeze. Oh! And you can pour whatever cleaner you want into the refillable canister, and it'll squirt out the front of the mop when you press the button.

    Promising review: "Truly, a remarkable appliance for someone who HATES mopping, like me! I opened it tonight, quickly assembled it (which took less than two minutes) and away I went! I "mopped" my entire 900 sq. ft. apartment in less than 15 minutes, with very minimal effort. Just turn it on, occasionally spray the cleaning solution and go. The white microfiber cloth afterwards was BLACK on the bottom, so I know it worked...and I thought my floors were clean!!! Just spend the $99 and get it, and never handle a drippy mop again. β€”Brian

    Get it on Amazon for $99.99.

    4. An adorable miniature cow vacuum who positively loves to graze on all the little bits of crumbs, salt and pepper, tiny paper scraps, glitter, and whatever else that litters your kitchen or craft table.


    Promising review: "I have one of these that is several years old. A friend commented that she liked it and I ordered one for her. It’s a great crumb picker-upper, especially with a tablecloth. Also works when my dog gets little leaves and twigs on my bed after she’s been outside. It’s very cute and easy to clean. Mine's named Bessie." β€”happyladi

    Get it on Amazon for $13.55.

    5. An easy-to-install kit that turns most tank toilets into self-cleaning toilets. That's right: You may never have to scrub your toilet again.

    You can get either the chlorine cartridges or the "blue" cleaning cartridges (that have a disinfecting cleaner that's less harsh than chlorine); but because the system stays in the overflow tube, you don't have to worry about damage to any of the plastic or rubber parts of your toilet tank if you do prefer the chlorine. And if you have zero experience dealing with your toilet, don't worry! It really does take just one minute to install.

    Promising review: I've used many different toilet bowl cleaners in my day, all with very little success. This is the first one that actually did the job of regular manual bowl scrubbing. In our heavily used family bathroom, this unit lasted 3–4 months before it ran out of the cartridge, and the results started to become evident. The whole time it not only kept the water/scent clean, it kept the scum/mineral buildup around the waterline completely gone! Gone are the days of weekly scrubbing the nasty toilet! This is truly a great product. β€”Chris F

    Get it on Amazon: the "blue" kit for $13.17 or the chlorine kit for $14.99.

    6. A handheld scrubber that spins on its own, so all you have to do is give it some soap or cleaner to work with, then wave it around to totally transform grimy tile and cloudy glass shower doors.,

    You charge it up (it's cordless!) then have about 50 minutes to scrub your heart out, but chances are you won't need that long! It scrubs 300 times per minute, includes four brush heads you can change out depending on what you're cleaning that day, and has an extendable handle so you don't have to bend over or pull out a step stool to reach high and low areas.

    Promising review: "A bathtub game changer! This little device is my new favorite thing! Cleaning our shower was my least favorite chore. Now I can get a deeper clean in less than half the time. I love the different brush heads. The corner one is great for getting around the handle and in the shelves, while the flat head really scrubs the shower walls and floor. After using this product one time our shower looked the cleanest it ever has since it was brand new." β€”Amazon Customer

    Get it on Amazon for $49.99.

    7. A UV sanitizer for your phone that could lower your chances of getting sick, at least a little bit β€” it may not get rid of all the smears of grease on your screen, but it will annihilate a bunch of germies.

    Uncommon Goods

    A couple of years ago we tested a bunch of our phones for germs, and the person with the cleanest phone used a similar device every night. Although if you really want to help your immune system, you prob also should follow these tips to avoid getting sick.

    Promising review: "These are the best invention ever!! We use this often! It's super fast! My only complaints are that it doesn't fit larger phones and you should not leave your phone in there longer than the cleaning session because it can effect the phone cover's color." β€”Germaphobe Mom

    Get one from Uncommon Goods or Amazon for $59.95.

    8. A steam mop that de-stickies and basically completely sanitizes all your hard floors using *only* water β€” no other cleaning products (harsh or otherwise) required.


    It does come with some optional ~freshening discs~, so your home smells even better than it would if you just steam-cleaned. It comes with two machine-washable mop heads (one for light duty and one for heavier scrubbing) and a scrubber that flips down to tackle the worst messes.

    Promising review: "This steam mop is so simple to use, I LOVE it! I don't have to wait 30 minutes for the floor to dry β€” because of the steam, the dry time's only a matter of a couple of minutes or less. I cleaned my kitchen (laminate) floor, bathroom (tile/grout) floor, and hardwood floor hallway and a bedroom and still had leftover water. The steam really lifts up/off stuck-on food without the need to scrub at it. Impressive. Using this mop is great for my family and makes it quick and easy to keep my floors clean and sanitized. Super easy to use and so effective!" β€”mollydogggggggggggggggggg

    Get it from Walmart for $79.

    9. Or a more elaborate steam cleaner perfect for deep cleaning your tiles, grout, carpet, and upholstery with 275Β°F tap water, all while killing 99% of the bacteria and viruses on pretty much any surface.,

    It holds enough water for up to 50 minutes of cleaning time at once. It also comes complete with 18 different accessories (including a mop head + pads) for everything you need to use it to its fullest capacity.

    Promising review: "I work cleaning a commercial kitchen in a restaurant and wanted to find something to reduce chemicals used to clean a neglected stove. Well, I was shocked. It wasn't faster then using very expensive commercial carbon cleaners but I the speed and ease of use of this was neck-and-neck with chemicals. It takes a bit of effort but in the end there isn’t nearly the mess to clean up because most of the water has evaporated away. I brought the steamer home to try it out on the grout lines in my shower. Knocked that out so fast and still had hot water so just kept going. After a couple of hours I had steam cleaned every single inch of my bathroom and I do not think it has ever been cleaner since being in this house." β€”Jeff Smith

    Get it on Amazon for $149.78.

    10. A window-cleaning robot so you can enjoy your big picture views through sparkling glass, no need to lug out the ladder.,

    Promising review: "My windows are 30 feet high. We pay almost $600 a year to get them cleaned. My brother-in-law gave me this as a birthday gift. I am pleasantly surprised how efficient and cool this robot is. It's easy to operate and requires minimum maintenance. We won’t be scheduling our next professional window cleaning, we don’t need it! Highly recommend!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Get it on Amazon for $379.

    11. A compact electric power washer because all your outdoor surfaces just plain get dirty over the years, and sometimes it's nice to take an afternoon to blast off all the gunk.


    Not to mention extremely satisfying. It comes with five quick-connect cleaning tips so you can choose the perfect one for the task at hand β€” including a tip for soap, which you can use to easily wash your car β€” and generates up to 2030 PSI.

    Promising review: "I love this washer. It competes with my 2200 PSI gas-powered pressure washer. In fact I sold the gas one to keep this. It doesn't have the noisy gas engine or the heavy weight. Easy to move around, lightweight, and has great power. Very quiet. The soap dispenser works well. I'm cleaning everything: my deck, my house, the garage doors, the concrete slab! It even takes off all the dirt and mold from the old concrete stairs and sidewalk." β€”Tim S.

    Get it on Amazon for $149.

    12. A semi-adjustable blinds dusting tool with washable microfiber that'll also squish to clean your car's air vents.

    Sure it's not ~electric~, but since it can dust two blinds at once, it'll cut your blind-dusting time in half. Also included: five washable microfiber sleeves.

    Promising review: "A little thing that means a lot! I used it on my kitchen vertical blinds that cover a patio door, adjacent to my stove. Needless to say, they collect cooking oils. I spritzed each blind once with a spray cleaner and ran this device down the blinds, two at a time. They are clean and streak-free. I cleaned the balance of my blinds throughout the house just using this device without a cleaner. It dusted them beautifully. It saves time and energy and does a great job." β€”Consumer

    Get it on Amazon for $7.99.

    13. A stain-remover mop that will make every inch of your carpet look refreshed and new again, whether you have set-in stains or a general high-traffic area that's noticeably dirty.


    Like, show me a carpet in any home with pets and people that couldn't stand a little of this:

    Resolve /

    It's a happy medium between a true carpet shampooer and getting on your hands and knees to scrub out a stain.

    Promising review: "Exceptional. I have a new little poodle who hasn't learned how to act inside a home. We are making great strides in that training, but the carpet has suffered mightily in several areas and nothing has worked until now. If you just give the trigger a couple of quick squeezes and let the brush work it into the carpet, it's magic. Without the brush or the "carpet cleaning system" I doubt this would have produced any better results than other products. Three cheers!" β€”Wyckette

    Get the system from Walmart for $17.97.

    14. Or a full-fledged carpet shampooer to give your floors a deep clean that will pretty much rewind the clock to the very day you moved in / installed the carpet.

    It also works wonders on area rugs! And it only weighs about 13 pounds β€” heavier-duty carpet cleaners usually weigh around 20 β€” so you won't feel completely exhausted by the time you're done with your living room.

    Promising review: "I run dog services, boarding, and daycare out of my home. You can imagine my carpet sees high traffic regularly and potty accidents on occasion from the puppers. Love this Hoover! Holy moly! It picks up an INCREDIBLE amount of deeply imbedded debris, dirt, stains, and hair. The difference in how much cleaner my carpet is after using it is OUTSTANDING!! I regularly vacuum and spot clean with other carpet cleaners and couldn’t fathom the filth I was actually living in after using the Hoover. It’s easy to assemble and light weight too. You can’t deny the results when cleaning out the dirty water tank. Easily the best purchase I have made for my small business! Very impressive!" β€”Patty A Selock

    Get it on Amazon for $99.99.

    15. A power scrubber designed to make cleaning tough spots β€” like extremely dirty grout β€” easy, because it scrubs 60 times each and every second.

    Target, Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    You can use it to clean around your faucets and scrub out any particularly tenacious hard water stains. Basically, it can be your elbow grease on lots of tough jobs. I love it most for grout; read my full Rubbermaid Power Scrubber review for more.

    Promising review: "A million times better than scrubbing with a sponge by hand!! My shower had gotten so bad because I didn't have the strength to scrub it. I just cleaned it almost perfectly inside of a half an hour! I love it!!" β€”Janet S

    Get it from Target (including the bonus grout brush attachment) for $19.99.

    16. A robo vac to keep your floors cleaner than you ever thought possible. I for one know I'm not about to sweep everyday without help from one of these little guys.,

    This vac moves between hard floors and low-pile carpets/rugs without a glitch and can pick up all the accumulated dust, dirt, and hair left strewn about your home while you go do literally anything else.

    Promising review: "I set it up to go around my house once a day while I'm at work and I have never been disappointed. The amount of cat hair and dirt/dust that it picks up everyday is disgusting. I LOVE IT. I couldn't believe that EVERY DAY there is that much dirt on my floor that I would have waited until the weekend to sweep or vacuum up. There is no longer the feeling of little bits of dirt on your feet while walking through the house barefoot. I highly recommend this vacuum for the price and for what we bought it for β€” to sweep/vacuum our hardwood floors and minimal carpets." β€”Allison Darrow

    Get it on Amazon for $179.99+ (two colors).

    17. A hair catcher for your shower because you're tired of paying the plumber to snake the drain, and want to simply prevent the hairy buildup problem in the first place.

    You do have to clean if off every once in a while, but still better than $$ spent on a plumber! (If your drain's already kinda clogged with hair tho, also check out the Drain Milipede, which makes clearing the clog yourself simple: it's $5.28 on Amazon. Then follow with this!)

    Promising review: "I am one of those people who clogs shower drains with my hair. It got to the point where I brushed my hair well before getting in and kept a brush in the shower to wrap the excess hair in while shampooing, and would STILL clog the drain every six weeks or so. I've had this about two months now and thought I'd really test it out by no longer brushing my hair before or during the shower. No clogs! It's amazing how much this thing catches considering it's this cheap looking piece of rubber that doesn't even fit well. I will say, it's much easier to clean when dry. I tell everyone I know about this thing." β€”Megan

    Get it on Amazon for $12.99 (six colors. Doesn't work on pop-up drains; if you have one of those, try the OXO hair catcher instead.)

    18. A no-scoop litter box with an automatic rake and ~crystal litter~ so your feline friend like feels like royalty and all you ever have to do is occasionally change (or rinse) a tray.

    This box works both with disposable trays (on Amazon for $46.95 for three; each tray lasts about a month, depending on how many cats you have) or a reusable tray that you can fill with either crystal litter or other non-clumping litter (also on Amazon for $49.95).

    Promising review: "Probably some of the best money I've ever spent in my whole life. Is this outrageously expensive compared to your classic plastic tray? Yes. Does it lock you into using their proprietary trays? Yes. But...does it work? YES. There is ZERO odor. I mean ZERO. Like I can put my head inside the small storage area we keep it in, and if you were wearing a blindfold you'd never know the box is in there. Cat gets an always-clean box to do her business, we don't ever deal with cat box smell, and my spouse loves the cleanliness versus the traditional one. Bonus, pet-sitters never have to scoop! If you're thinking about an automatic box, DO IT." β€”Magi

    Get it on Amazon for $169.95.

    19. A power-washer nozzle attachment perfect for bursting though all the built-up leaves, dirt, and grime lurking in your gutters.

    The only catch = you have to use a pressure washer that's at least 3000 PSI, because it splits the pressure, pushing water in two opposite directions at once. Anything weaker and the split pressures won't be enough to make much of a difference.

    Promising review: "Using this with a 3000 PSI washer and a 20' extension wand was so easy I could hardly believe it. I previously used a hook-type with a single nozzle and it was uncontrollable. Cleaning 200' feet of gutter anywhere from 10' to 20' feet high was exhausting. With this it only took a short time and would have been even easier if the gutters had hangers underneath instead of the spikes. Even then I just lift the nozzle over each spike, easy and very controllable. The hook would spray me with water until I was drenched; this hardly sprays down on you at all. It's worth twice the price." β€”Larry

    Get it on Amazon for $24.89.

    20. Or if you don't mind climbing the ladder, a flexible scoop that pulls up piles of even the most goopy, packed-in, semi-composted leaves in one go.,

    Promising review: "I have cleaned my gutters several times over the years. I have always just used my hands and an occasional power washer. The Gutter Getter made the job so much easier! I cleaned all the gutters on the back of my house in 30 minutes! No hose, no water, no gloves. Just scooped the junk out, and the gutter was clean. That job would have taken me two hours the way I have always done it, and I would have had hoses, gloves, and mess. I love this product!" β€”TinyRhino

    Get it on Amazon for $8.84.

    21. An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner that needs just a dab of dish soap and a little distilled water to make your engagement ring, eyeglasses, and even your dentures sparkle.

    Promising reviews: "I just used this and I am IN LOVE!! My rings were gross from lotion, sunscreen, hand soap, sweat etc. I don't have time to run to my jeweler to get them professionally cleaned. This does the trick, and same exact results! In three minutes. πŸ’•" β€”Rebecca Morea

    "If you want to use it for dentures, it works. If yours have long-term deposits not responding to cleaning tablets, they WILL come off, but it means doing a daily clean for a couple of weeks. Now my dentures look the best they have looked in years, but it took a couple of weeks." β€”J in NYC

    Get it on Amazon for $39.99 or if that's sold out, a similar item (made by the same company, that works the same way, but with a slightly smaller tank and somewhat different timer) for $39.98.

    22. Or, if you want something basic for your retainer, Invisalign, or dentures: a simple lidded bath that lets denture tablets clean every nook and cranny.,

    So sure, it's more of a box than a gadget, but I wore a retainer for many years and would've loved to have something like this! You just fill it with water, drop a denture cleaning tablet in, and let it do its thing.

    Promising review: "I don't have dentures, but I do have to wear a mouth guard and night because I grind my teeth. This container makes it very easy to clean my mouth guard each morning by just adding some warm water and a cleaning tablet. The strainer section is easy to take out and, and you can just run the water over and through it while the mouth guard is still inside. It's very handy and I've definitely been better about cleaning my mouth guard since I got it!" β€”Orianne

    Get it on Amazon for $9.99.

    23. An electric blower to gently dust and clean your computer, keyboard, game consoles, DSLR camera, and other sensitive electronics β€” no cans of compressed air required.

    It has a low and a high setting, but most reviewers report the low setting's plenty for regular dusting! And it comes with three nozzles you can switch out depending on what you're cleaning.

    Promising review: "Some things that get dusty can be better dusted by blowing rather than by sucking. Some things, such as baskets, fans, space heaters, toasters, etc., do not vacuum out very well. So, I use air dusters for a lot of things, not just for electronics. Very handy cleaning tool." β€”NadieMax

    Get it on Amazon for $44.99 (two colors).

    24. A baracuda cleaner that crawls along the walls, floors, and steps of your pool to devour all the lingering dirt, bugs, leaves, sand, and pebbles.,

    Some reviewers mention it even helps keep algae down after rains.

    Promising review: "This thing works great! I wish I had bought this years ago! Even though I will brush the pool walls down every now and then, I DON'T see even a slight cloud of dust moving with the brush like I always did before, because there is so much LESS dirt in the pool (even if it looked clean, there's dirt in there). So now, my pool is being cleaned when I'm not even home for ten hours a day, everyday! Yes, it is expensive, anything to do with a pool always is, but for all the time and sunburn it has saved me from, I'd say its worth every penny." β€”LasVegasTony

    Get it on Amazon for $244.46; and if your pool tends to catch lots of leaves, reviewers recommend adding on the leaf basket for $52.61.

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