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Amy Poehler And Seth Meyers Hilariously Call Out Misogynistic Sportswriter


Last night on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler stopped by for a new installment of the duo's SNL "Weekend Update" segment "Really!?!"

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This time, the two called out a Sports Illustrated contributor for his misogynistic attitude toward women's sports, stemming from a comment made about the Women's World Cup.

While calling out the absurdity that there is NOTHING in women's sports worth watching, the two also pointed out how ridiculous it is that the Women's World Cup is on secondary channels, yet networks will show six hours of pre–Kentucky Derby coverage.


And even though Amy admits that there is nothing in women's sports that directly compares to a LeBron James windmill dunk, she does point out the similarities women have with LeBron, like wearing headbands, a shared love of traveling, and...


Bravo, Amy and Seth.