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    17 Of The Nicest Celebrities — According To The Fans Who Have Met Them Before

    Being nice goes a long way.

    It's not every day that you get to meet a celebrity.

    While some people are notoriously rude and others are as sweet as can be, celeb encounters are always one in a million. When Reddit user u/LeCrowing asked, "[Who's the] nicest celebrity you've ever met?" a ton of responses flooded the thread. Believe it or not, the user even talked about a chance meeting with Kevin Bacon thanks to a french fry craving.

    Whether you've met a famous person or have yet to cross that item off your bucket list, we've rounded up some of the most memorable celebrity encounters (as shared by the fans who have met them IRL). Check them out below:

    1. This student social with George Clooney:

    George Clooney at an event

    2. This NY bar talk with Mila Kunis:

    Mila Kunis at an event

    3. This fun afternoon with Dave Chappelle:

    Dave Chappelle on stage

    4. This chance Tony Hawk meeting on a Disney ride:

    Tony Hawk in 2004

    5. This post-show photo opp featuring Lady Gaga:

    Lady Gaga in a pink feather dress

    6. This shoe store meetup with LeBron James:

    LeBron James playing basketball

    7. This time a fan bumped into Kevin Smith at the airport:

    Kevin Smith in a purple suit jacket

    8. This retail store visit from Kristen Wiig:

    Kristen Wiig on a late night talk show

    9. This John Lithgow sports scene:

    John Lithgow being interviewed

    10. This sweet Willy Wonka memory:

    11. This grocery store advice from Don Cheadle:

    Don Cheadle talking

    12. This golf tip from Luke Wilson:

    Luke Wilson on the red carpet

    13. This winery photo shoot with Alison Brie:

    Alison Brie on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    14. This wedding day encounter with Tom Hanks:

    Tom Hanks on the red carpet

    15. This kind parking gesture by Ryan Gosling:

    Ryan Gosling on the red carpet

    16. This dinner date with Clint Eastwood:

    17. And this Simon Pegg book signing:

    Who's the nicest celebrity you've ever met IRL? Share your story in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.