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2015 FIFA Womens World Cup

2015 FIFA Womens World Cup

23 Pictures That Prove The World Cup Is Pure And Total Chaos

Not the world peace we deserve, but the world peace we need.

Photos Of Team USA’s Parade in NYC Show The Depth Of Soccer Fandom

The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team on Friday was honored with a New York City parade and ceremony for defeating Japan to clench an historic World Cup victory.

U.S. Women's Soccer Team Will Get $33 Million Less Prize Money Than The Men's Winner

The United States Women's National Team will get a paltry $2 million for its victory on Sunday. The men's German team got $35 million for winning the 2014 World Cup.

You Won't Believe What This Soccer Star Did When She Won The World Cup

She broke it down...and she just couldn't stop.

Abby Wambach Running To Her Wife After The World Cup Will Destroy Your Tear Ducts

The USA striker knew exactly where to find her after the final whistle.

With A 5-2 Win Against Japan, USA Make History As FIFA Women's World Cup Champions

The U.S. Women's National Team becomes the first squad to win three World Cup titles.

32 Reasons The U.S. Women's Soccer Team Is #SquadGoals Defined

Because they're the 23 best friends that anybody could have.

Everything You Need To Know Before Watching The FIFA Women's World Cup Final

The United States takes on Japan this Sunday in an epic rematch of the 2011 World Cup final, with USA hoping to capture a win in this arena for the first time since 1999.

What You Need To Know About England's Heroic Women's World Cup Exit

The English have united behind their team, despite their 2-1 loss to Japan.

This Is What Happens When Team USA Advances To The FIFA World Cup Final

The internet is bleeding red, white, and blue.

U.S. Women Upset Germany, Advance To World Cup Final

The U.S. played its best game of the tournament, dominating top-ranked Germany.

Can You Name All The Players On The U.S. Women's National Team?

It's more than just Wambach, Pinoe, and Syd The Kid.

Sydney Leroux Recalling Her Very First Olympic Goal Will Pump You Up For Tonight

In this exclusive clip, U.S. Women's National Team stars Abby Wambach and Sydney Leroux recall a moment of greatness.

Get To Know The Badass Queer Women In The 2015 World Cup

Meet the ladies who play for your team (no, seriously though).

Former Women's Soccer Players Respond To Brazilian Official's Sexist Remarks

"We used to dress the girls as boys," Marco Aurelio Cunha said in a recent interview. Julie Foudy and Kate Markgraf, former professional women's players, responded to his comments today.

Siri Doesn't Know There's A Women's World Cup Going On

Apple's intelligent personal assistant appears to be a bit soccer-ignorant.

20 USWNT GIFs That Are Perfect For Any Situation

Rapinoe, Solo, Wambach, and the crew have you covered.

These World Cup Players Have Reached Peak Badass

I would say the athletes competing in the Women's World Cup are tough as nails, but they probably eat nails for breakfast, so...

These​ ​Badass Young Athletes Will Make You Feel Better About The World

"For some reason, the world loves to show young women in pink and wearing princess dresses, but the truth is: these girls are badasses."

17 Things You Need To Know About The 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup

Soccer fans unite. It's about that time.

There Will Finally Be Women In FIFA16 And It's Awesome

25 years after the first Women's World Cup, women's national teams are coming to FIFA's hit soccer video game. Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan, and Christine Sinclair are all here.

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